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Crock has the concern with make tea

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  Crock is qualitative the relation with make tea

Crock affects the result of make tea character, the crock that indicates here basically is to point to density character, the crock with high density, the tea since bubble comes, fragrance compares Qing Yang, the crock with low density, the tea since bubble comes, fragrance is graver. If the tea of place bubble, the hope lets it be behaved so that compare Qing Yang, perhaps say, the style of this kind of tea attributes clearer spread, be like dragon of bird of green tea, green tea, scented tea, white fine long hair, black tea, that uses the crock with higher density to come bubble, be like porcelain crock. If the tea of place bubble, the hope lets it be behaved more gravely, perhaps say, the style of this kind of tea is to belong to graver, be like a variety of oolong tea, asphodel, fingered citron, Pu Er (late ferment tea kind) , that comes with the crock with inferior density bubble, be like contented crock. This and the boiler that our cooking uses provide a principle to comparative, fry green vegetables, we hope to fry the green vegetables that come out fragile green, so we are fried quickly with iron bowl fierce anger. If boil piscine head, we like to use arenaceous boiler or stewpan, slow fire is boiled slow. If we use iron bowl to boil piscine head, still can eat of course, but piscine soup is done not have certainly so so stiff, slippery; If use arenaceous boiler,fry green vegetables? That is certain very bad.

The agglomeration degree of density and tea service of pottery and porcelain is concerned, we often are conveyed with knocking the voice that give and water imbibition, knock the voice that give ringing, water imbibition is low, state agglomeration rate is high, otherwise agglomeration rate is low. The heat preservation rate that this and crock have be closely bound up, we hope effect of kettle heat preservation is close friends chronically, it is not certain in fact, because if heat preservation effect is absolutely,need, that is about crock to be done thickly, quality of a material is burned the pine is loosely, the result sells very hard go out, besides, make tea is be about to come out tea soup in proper chroma, is that meeting inside crock heat preservation? Law of cultured make tea still uses timer even, immersing time control is in " with the second plan " .

Metal implement the silver-colored crock in is the make tea appliance with good pretty, density, conduct heat the crock that compare porcelain is not bad. " green tea " the character of the heaviest Qing Yang, and the behaves decision character actor bad of aroma, the crock that use silver can behave the style of this respect most to bubble. Chinaware is popular recently trichotomy, high temperature agglomeration, but not white, one not pervious to light kind is called " flint " , the make tea effect that this kind of crock has a show uprights in " porcelain " with " contented " between.

   Go up not the relation of glaze and make tea
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