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What is meant by one crock not thing 2 tea

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" one crock not thing 2 tea " namely a crock bubble a kind of tea. Because violet arenaceous crock has special dual stomatic structure, be good at absorbing tea boiling water, so long via use violet arenaceous bottle, although do not add tea, sheet can pour light tea boiling water with boiling water. Accordingly, " not thing 2 tea " the delicacy that the tea soup ability that kettle gives to bubble holds raw ingredient is spent with purity, otherwise today Wu Long, tomorrow Pu Er, acquired scented tea, flavor of so inevitable tea is muddleheaded, without individual character but character. Those who deserve special attention is, some people are formed to be inside crock " tea hill " , make its look have ancient idea more, tea keep among them, hold the post of its dry in the shade, but because Taiwan area high temperature is much wet, meantime of mould pole easy breed, if wholesome viewpoint thinks, this law solid paltrily. After having some of person make tea more, put boiling water of last make tea intentionally within crock, till next answering,fall, think this law can close inside the effect that raises outside dip. Little imagine, the stomatic structure of violet arenaceous crock is goot at already adsorptive tea soup, also absorb mould naturally easily. Raise the bottle that give with this, when be afraid of day fullback tea only, also can contain peculiar smell, insanitary even, solid it is to the loss outweights the gain.

If be necessary to need two tea to mix bubble really, also do not have what actually cannot, " crock is Yang Xianming " have carry: " crock constellation miscellaneous gas, soup of boil of full lay aside, bend does not have cold water namely in, also give watery diarrhoea urgently, vigour answer. " allow this, please first after inside and outside of sufficient and abluent crock, refill boiling water, quiet place falls a few minutes again, relapse a few times so (inspect around the size of tea flavor difference of two tea and calm) , can use formally! But to prevent certain Bao Yi of arenaceous crock embryo is cracked, the ancients is accordingly alleged " . . . Bend does not have cold water namely in... . " 3 warm practices should consider does it!

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