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The sort of tea service

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The tea service of our country, phyletic and various, modelling is beautiful, have economic value already, the beauty of rich art. So, celebrated China and foreign countries, drink tea for past dynasties lover place favour. On the phylogeny that drinks tea in China, no matter be to drink tea consuetudinary, still be tea kind treatment, experienced a lot of change. As drink tea used special tool, also have the process of a development and change necessarily.

Main tea service sort is as follows:

Argil tea service

The person above average in crockery head arenaceous tea service of the Xing Zi that push appropriate, violet arenaceous crock its inside and outside not apply glair, the violet sludge that uses place, red sludge, round Shan Nituan makes roast and become. Because become contented fire Wen Gao, agglomeration is sent closely, the embryo is qualitative exquisite, both neither leakage, have the air hole with invisible naked eye again, prolonged is used, still can draw water adds tea juice, flavor of be latent tea; And conduct heat unhappy, do not extend very hot hand; If hot weather contains tea, sour of not easy acid; Although cold hot revulsion, also won't burst; If be necessary, still can put in the cook over a slow fire on cooking range to stew directly even. Violet arenaceous tea service still has model succinct and easy, tonal and honest quaint characteristic, the appearance has lotus root of the knot that be like bamboo, lotus, loose Duan Hefang of appearance of trader week ancient bronze ware.

China tea service

Our country tea service is given priority to the earliest with crockery. After china is invented, contented pledges tea service is place of china tea service to replace gradually. China tea service can be divided again wait for white china tea service, celadon tea service and black china tea service.

(1) white china tea service: White porcelain the porcelain with Jingdezhen is most famous, other if Hunan sweets wine,the tea service of door of a surname of hill of hill, Heibei the Tang Dynasty, Anhui also has distinguishing feature each. Yuan acting, the blue and white porcelain of Jingdezhen is famous at the world, sell as far as to abroad.

(2) celadon tea service: Generation of advance of celadon tea service begins to develop, one of kiln of the 5 names when Song Chao kiln of elder brother of Zhejiang dragon spring reached period of at the height of power and splendour, produce of all kinds green china, include small cup of kettle, teacup, tea, teacup, tea tray to wait.

(3) black china tea service: Song Daifu builds the wind be current that fights tea, the person that fight tea thinks to build the small cup of black porcelain tea that how produces to use a bottle of tea according to experience most appropriate, consequently celebrated. Song Cai assists " tea records " say: "Dark brown white, appropriate black small cup, build dark purple of the person that how be built black, grain is like hare fine long hair, its base is small thick, long heat is difficult cold, want to use most. Give the person that he is in, or thin or color is violet, neither and also. Its are pale small cup, bottle try the home from need not. Bottle try the home from need not..
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