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Kettle had before in Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty person says kettle " note child " , its meaning is to point to go to from crock mouth extroversion water, according to " endowment free time records " carry: "Yuan and first (the Christian era 806 years, when Tang Xianzong) drink wine still uses goblet bail... note child, if its form small-moutheds jar, and lid, mouth, handle all is provided. " the bottle that small-moutheding jar is a kind of small mouth big abdomen, the kettle of Tang Dynasty is similar bottle shape, abdomen facilitates greatly install more water, buccal small profit at make tea affusion. Make an appointment with Tang Dynasty evening, common people does not like " note child " this name, even kettle handle take out, whole pattern look if " tea bottle " , because did not carry a power, so " kettle " cry " slant carry " . Later generations makes make tea " the dot is noted " . Have according to Tang Dynasty kettle namely " note child " one and come. Path of bright generation tea is artistic more and more essence of life, dark brown to make tea, view, drink small cup, hot pot has more exquisite, want to achieve so high demand, tea service also should reform innovation necessarily. For instance Ming Dynasty kettle begins to value arenaceous crock, it is a kind of new tea art pursuit. Do not suck tea because of arenaceous crock make tea sweet, dark brown not caustic, so arenaceous crock is regarded as beautiful to taste. According to " annals of anything that may be spared " carry: "Kettle with arenaceous person to go up, lid both neither is seized sweet, do not have the gas that heat up soup again. " respecting appropriate promotes arenaceous crock almost unmanned do not know. And appropriate promotes arenaceous crock is Ming Dynasty only then famous sound. Say according to historical data account, ming Dynasty appropriate is promoted one is called for spring potter is the first person that makes appropriate promotes arenaceous crock to be famous in.

" in relief Xian Mingtao records " record says: "Offer spring, zhuang of home of Wu Yi hill also. " Wu Yi hill is a scholar, read in golden sanded temple, offer spring in housekeeping, in imitating a temple secretly, old monk uses argil wrestle semifinished product, make arenaceous crock. The arenaceous bottle that makes as a result fills tea aroma very thick, heat keeps longer, the hearsay goes out, common people in succession follow the lead of, social occurrence snap up " offer Chun Sha bottle " phenomenon. Surname for Chun Zhen " Gong " . Also write into so, ' Gong Chun " arenaceous crock. After this has an appropriate that is called Shi Dabin to promote potter again, with argil, or make arenaceous bottle with the land of n/min sal ammoniac that acquires color. Begin, shi Dabin is imitated " for spring " arenaceous crock, crock form is compared " for spring " arenaceous pot is bigger, shi Dabin arrives Jiangsu too storehouse deal, hear in cafes occasionally " all the fair Shi Chazhi that taste tea is talked. " be born suddenly comprehend, after returning appropriate to promote only then make small bottle. Its crock " not Wu beautiful fawn on, and Piao Yajian millet, clever cannot think of... around all a person of academic or artistic distinction, can not reach. " " the collection that draw boat " say: "The crock of big Bin, it is with mark of the Mu on the handle knowledge. " it is to say common people to go up with crock handle knowledge sometimes the person that big Bin big toe imprints is expensive. From now on appropriate promotes far cloth of arenaceous crock fame, circulate up to now, still be the purificatory tea service that the person sees the person loves.

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