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Word of tea service history (2)

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Ming Dynasty, the fall tea water that boil is used " soup bottle " more general issue, and the modal breed of soup bottle also rises more. Divide from metallic sort, bottle having stannum, lead bottle, copper bottle. The appearance of tea bottle is much at that time it is bamboo slip form. " annals of anything that may be spared " author Wen Zhenheng says, advantage of bottle of soup of shape of this kind of bamboo slip depends on " fire of both neither leakage, facilitate the dot is noted again (make tea) " . Visible soup bottle boils water to be able to be used at make tea again already two kinds of function. Bright generation also begins to use porcelain tea bottle at the same time, because,can be " porcelain vase boils water, although do not seize liquid gas, like that not applicable, also clumsy. " so actually, bright generation is in daily life need not of porcelain tea bottle. Ming Dynasty " tea bottle " in still have grotesque work. See " eulogy Gu Lianzhu opens market " " absorb Changjiang Delta water readily, pang is old never bright oneself, the sodden broken look up that be like mud seems a day, bottle of consolidate county tea 3 mouths. " the tea bottle that Ming Dynasty has 3 mouths unexpectedly, curious arrived to break away from the room for action with real life. Undoubted, bottle of this kind of barpque tea can serve as only collect ornamental, only this just.

3, drink tea since Tang SongTea serviceHave improve development newly

Ancient time drinks tea tea service basically points to fill the tea, make tea, place that drink tea to use appliance. This one concept and the tea set that say today are basic and same. Since Tang Song drink tea tea service is being used basically is pottery and porcelain on makings, metal kind drink tea tea service is scarce since Tang Song. Because make tea of metallic tea service is far,taste as pottery and porcelain, cannot publish elegant table of alleged tea path so, the Tang Dynasty since main change is bigger drink tea tea service has: Small cup of kettle, tea (cup) with teacup. And these a few kinds of tea service and drink tea of culture arisen have immediate concern.


Kettle had before in Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty person says kettle " note child " , its meaning is to point to go to from crock mouth extroversion water, according to " endowment free time records " carry: "Yuan and first (the Christian era 806 years, when Tang Xianzong) drink wine still uses goblet bail... note child, if its form small-moutheds jar, and lid, mouth, handle all is provided. " the bottle that small-moutheding jar is a kind of small mouth big abdomen, the kettle of Tang Dynasty is similar bottle shape, abdomen facilitates greatly install more water, buccal small profit at make tea affusion. Make an appointment with Tang Dynasty evening, common people does not like " note child " this name, even kettle handle take out, whole pattern look if " tea bottle " , because did not carry a power, so " kettle " cry " slant carry " . Later generations makes make tea " the dot is noted " . Have according to Tang Dynasty kettle namely " note child " and come.
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