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Culture of Chinese tea path

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 Tea pathIt is the union of tea art and spirit, pass tea art to behave spirit. Promote at Chinese Tang Dynasty, contain Yu Song, bright generation, cui Yuqing is acting. The main content that Chinese tea stresses the beauty of 5 conditions, namely tea, boiled water, duration, tea service, environment.

Tea path should follow certain rule. Tang Dynasty is overcome 9 difficult, build namely, not, implement, fire, water, broil, end, boil, drink. The Song Dynasty for you at 3 o'clock with 3 do not nod taste tea, "" was new tea, Gan Quan, clean at 3 o'clock implement for one, weather is good for one, tasteful Confucianism the beautiful guest of elegant, be of a kind is one.

The incorporate form that Chinese tea has two kinds: Decoct tea. Throw tea dust crock counteracts water a decoction. The decoct tea of Tang Dynasty, the earliest artwork that is tea tastes a form.

Fight tea. Archaic bookman refined scholar carries tea and water each, be spent through comparing tea water in which noodles have been boiled and sample appreciate tea Shang Yiding tastes tea art one kind of actor bad. Fight tea to call tea battle again, encourage Yu Tang acting end, cheng Yusong is acting. Most first popularity builds a city to be taken at Fujian. Fighting tea is the highest expression form that ancient time tastes tea art.

Congou. Clear generation up to now the congou of certain zone popularity is the Tang Dynasty, the Yu Yun drifting wind that tea art tastes since the Song Dynasty. Popularity of clear acting congou is mixed at city of the lowing city of Fujian, Zhangzhou, spring the current state of Guangdong. Congou stresses the effort that taste drink.

Be in ChinaTea pathin developing course, buddhism had very main effect.

Tang Dynasty " the Wen Jianlu that seal a family name " carry: "Wu learning buddhist at sleeping, not evening is fed, all make its drink tea. The person conceives gal oneself, boil water everywhere, turn from now on similar effect, become custom then. "Of Du Mu of Tang poetry person: "Buddhist of silk of hair on the temples collapses now bank, tea smoke light spread falls vivid picture of beautiful wind " the scene that Jing Ya of the idle when old monk cooks tea sends.

Drink tea in size cloister faddish, the monk strengthens the research of pair of tea collect and process, then cloister of famous mountains and great rivers of occurrence past dynasties gives the appearance of well-known tea.

The snail that be like green jade spring, produce the summit of green jade snail from hill of Jiangsu hole front courtyard, original name " of tea of " water month, above all monk of hill of courtyard of month of landscape of hole front courtyard is made. Wu Yiyan tea, what for Wu Yi temple buddhist monk makes is optimal. Jun Shanyin needle originates in temple of Jun Shan white crane.

Drink tea the union with buddhism, huge promoted the development of tea culture, the Gu Si that ancient secretary carries Tang Song sets " of small house of tea of " of " tea hall, " , monks discuss Buddha manage buddhist to here, compare notes classics is talked, entertainment almsgiver guest, sip sweet tea.
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