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  Argil implementHave the important creation that is a The Neo-lithic Age. It is coarse earthy contented at first, evolve stage by stage next to compare solid hard contented, reappearance exhibits the glazed pottery that is exterior apply glair. Appropriate promotes ancient time to make contented develop very, in trader week period, appeared hard contented of geometrical Yin Wen. Period of Chinese of the Qin Dynasty, already had the fire of glazed pottery.

The person above average in crockery head arenaceous tea service of the Xing Zi that push appropriate, be in early initial stage of Northen Song Dynasty has risen abruptly, make the outstanding tea set that set up a new banner, bright generation greatly popular. Violet arenaceous crock and general crockery are different, its inside and outside not apply glair, the violet sludge that uses place, red sludge, round Shan Nituan makes roast and become. Because become Tao Huo lukewarm taller, agglomeration is sent closely, the embryo is qualitative exquisite, both neither leakage, have the air hole with invisible naked eye again, prolonged is used, still can draw water adds tea juice, flavor of be latent tea; And conduct heat unhappy, do not extend very hot hand; If hot weather contains tea, sour of not easy acid; Although cold hot revulsion, also won't burst; If be necessary, still ask to be put in the cook over a slow fire on cooking range to stew directly even. Violet arenaceous tea service still has model succinct and easy, tonal and honest quaint characteristic, the appearance has be like lotus root of rings, lotus, loose Duan Hefang of appearance of trader week ancient bronze ware. " language of peach brook guest " say " this world is admired (namely appropriate is promoted) porcelain crock is axiomatic Ji Shicheng, the person that go up and treasures are equal in value. " its are rare it is thus clear that. Shake of proclaimed in writing enjoys " annals of anything that may be spared " account: "Crock with arenaceous person to go up, lid both neither is seized sweet, do not have ripe liquid gas again. Do not have ripe liquid gas again..

Between Ming Daijia pacify, 10 thousand past years, early or late hill showed masters of two outstanding violet arenaceous craft -- Gong Chun (for spring) the prentice Shi Dabin with him. Gong spring childhood ever was the book Zhuang of hill of Wu Yi of a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, his gift is intelligent, modest and academic, accompany along with host read Sha Si of Yu Yixing gold, idle helps base of Shang Tuan of the Laohe in the temple make bottle constantly. There is ginkgo in fabulous fane very tall, with twisted roots and gnarled branches-complicated and difficult to deal with, cultivate tumour much appearance. His a very short time is viewed and admire. It is imitative tree tumour, knead cultivates tumour crock, modelling is distinctive, vivid and unusual. Old monk saw strike the table and shout bravo, make all one's life photograph of bursa of crock craft bend is awarded, make he becomes the famous master that make bottle finally. For spring goods is called " for spring crock " , modelling is novel and exquisite, quality of a material is thin and solid, be known as " for spring crock, if gold and jade,get the better of " . "Chestnut secretly, be like Gu Jinshi; Honest Pang uses a heart, how weigh deities " . Shi Dabin's work, the pattern that broke through a master to impart and make small bottle more, the ornament abandons a few proposals in essence of life over, more accord with drink tea Pin Ming's gout. Because have this at that time very the line of praise highly: "Hand of letter of 1000 strange extremely goes " , "Gong Zhongyan says big Bin crock " . Clear acting violet arenaceous tea service, there is development more on the foundation of forefathers. Celebrate with Yuan Hejia of clear Chu Chenming among them year poplar the kettle that Peng Nian makes especially celebrated at the world. Chen Ming is far made kettle, line clarity, outline is apparent, crock lid has running hand " cry far " seal, be regarded as collect carefully up to now. Poplar Peng Nian's goods, refined exquisite, need not matrix, conveniently is held, flawless, be pushed to be " when world classic " . In relief Chen Man knowing a county gives birth to Jiangsu Li at that time, fondness for kettle, labour Yu Shiwen, painting and calligraphy, seal cutting, be promoted to appropriate designedly and poplar Peng Nian cooperates to make bottle. Chen Man gives birth to a design, poplar Peng Nian is made, engrave painting and calligraphy by Chen again. Its writing life says " graceful unripe crock " . It is connoisseurs all the time place collect carefully. Qing Daiyi promotes form of crock of violet arenaceous crock and adornment change multiterminal, 1000 appearance 100 condition, be in domestic and international all welcome, at that time south our country Fujian, the teapot that current state takes congou of the bubble that boil to use, almost complete advisable Xing Zi arenaceous appliance, 17 centuries, chinese tea and violet arenaceous crock pass the west by seagoing vessel at the same time, of western person for " gules china " . Be in early 15 centuries, japanese will to China learn to make crock technology, the crock that they are modelled on, still regard curiosa as for Japanese people up to now.
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