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Word of tea service history (one)

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 Tea service, its define Gu Jin to be not identical. Archaic tea service, generally refer to makes tea, drink tea all sorts of use tools, include to collect tea, make tea, lay aside tea, drink tea wait for kinds big, liu Yu " tea classics " summarize tea service so namely. What indicate to be concerned technically with make tea now is special and implemental, make tea in ancient times implement, after taking the place of till the Song Dynasty, tea service and tea implement just intergrade. Current, basically point to drink tea implemental. " tea classics " in detailed listed the appliance that concerns with make tea 28 kinds, 8 kinds big, total to tea service demand is practical pay equal attention to with artistic quality, do one's best is beneficial to the Shang Zhi of tea, do one's best is quaint and beautiful.

The tea service influence to tea soup, basically be in two respects. It is expression is inTea serviceColor is right of tea soup colour and lustre foil. Liu Yu " tea classics " praise highly celadon, "Tea of blueness criterion beneficial " , namely celadon tea service can make tea soup shows green (dark brown at that time slant red) . Cultivate technical development as the craft that make tea and tea tree, the primary colors of tea is changing, the color of tea service also subsequently and change. The 2 material that are tea service are mixed to tea soup flavor the influence of aroma, material eliminates a requirement firm and durable outside, at least otherwise caustic tea is qualitative.

Chinese tea service, phyletic and various, modelling is beautiful, hold concurrently practical with appreciate value, drink tea for past dynasties lover place favour. The use of tea service, maintain, appreciate and collect, already became technical knowledge, for generations does not decline. The development history with respect to tea service, sort and producing area, choice mixes the article use reach each tea kind place makes simple introduction with tea service. Among them, because be used generally,appropriate promotes violet arenaceous crock and Jingdezhen china, will get more space.

Tea service calls tea appliance again, tea implement, have the branch of wide meaning and narrow sense: For broad sense: It is generally refer to finishs place of bubble drink whole process to require equipment, implemental, things and teahouse things also a general designation is tea prop. For narrow sense meaning: Point to the appliance of bubble and drink only, namely advocate tea service.

  Tea service brief history

  Tea service, it is one of culture of tea of our country ancient time main component, discussion tea service history promote decline, also can see the historical background of tea culture, tea service of Chinese ancient time also has the development process with its original itself, the art that still can see pottery and porcelain is made from which makes come to an agreement, shangbuduo sees the article that made systematic research to this respect in the past. The author is not put meager, the concept that tries pair of ancient time tea service and its sort make preliminary discuss, since basically discussing Tang Song, the development process of tea service reachs its society reason, the article is cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions only, the place of not proper, ask experts make corrections.
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