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Artful differentiate is new old tea

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The bag that pack makes newest manufacturing date casually, on gift box again incidentally the model of written characters of new tea on mark, this lets a person differentiate after all hard really is new tea and old tea. The trade that we pursue tasting tea and differentiate tea for years please today mies wife person, tell everybody how to differentiate new tea old tea.

Be in Beijing, the reporter sees Jin Yali of the personage inside tea course of study, she is engaged in tea discerning the history that already had 38 years. Speak of the tea on the market is shoddy, pretend to be the phenomenon of new tea with old tea especially, she says, should have only a little major is only, can discern.

Jin Yali says, besides the external form that watchs tea, after tea bubble is good, the color that also can pass tea and flavour will discern new old tea.

According to Introduction Jin Yali, tea of Dragon Well tea besides with old fill new, still have partial businessman the Dragon Well tea of green make it of a kind of green tea picked before Pure Brightness Fujian, when consumer when the character trait of tea of not quite clear Dragon Well tea, the businessman is taking this kind of false Dragon Well tea, such its prices should compare original tower above 10 times much

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