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A few kinds of methods that tea lasts

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The method that tea lasts, general nothing more than the following kinds

One, the flavour of as good as of the material that pack of tea, have good moistureproof performance, container flourishing tea and want on use method as far as possible airtight, decrease to be contacted with air, the requirement deposits the place of flavour of dry, clean, as good as.

2, the custodial tea such as average bottle, canister, with set double deck of inside and outside to build or with the mouth alvine big terrine had better, can reduce the air contact inside container, container lid should be united in wedlock with container body close together, enter in order to prevent damp.

3, conditional, but will load the tea inside iron canister to be smoked with air pump go inside coal tub air, again solder good seal, such, can store up tea 23 years, if the condition is insufficient, glass liner of usable hot water stores up, because water bottle bravery and outside air are completely cut off, tea loads bravery inside, after the lid that increase a place of strategic importance is tight, with white wax heal, adhesive plaster is wrapped outside, go easily simply, easily the family is custodial.

4, use safe or freezer to store up, the attention when storing up will be put again after tea is sealed.

5, use the air inside coal tub rare reach sealed hind the tea inside coal tub and the principle with completely cut off outside, be in tea drying to water content 2% the left and right sides takes the advantage of heat to load coal tub instantly inside, next sealed, also can store up 9 years below normal temperature.

6, with calx or advanced desiccative, if silica gel absorbs tea moisture, contain the effect is better. The method is had sealed calx with double deck calico first, had included tea bunch of jail with thin kraft again, with 6.5: The tea with the good the bag proportion of 1 and the lime buy that had sealed enter world in, notice calx appropriate is put in altar or bucket among, next reoccupy kraft builds straw mattress to seal good altar mouth, put store up inside hothouse, amount to when lime imbibe degree 80% when, answer to change in time, will tell commonly, new tea needs to change ash after 3 two months: In using tea of silica gel lay aside, if discover the grain of desiccative,turn into by customary orchid expression translucence is damask to white, be about to take out desiccative fall in sunshine or Cheng Lan of the bake in low baking temperature is lubricious, this continues to use, very substantial.

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