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Without the keep in storage of tea of social effects of pollution

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Tea of health care of Chinese herbal medicine is the characteristic beverage of Chinese tradition, also be one of main the form of a drug of medical tea therapeutics. Be apart from today before 2000 " classics of divine farming a book on Chinese medicine " in already labelled tea blindly important medicaments; Farming family name admires fabulous spirit 100 grass, day encounters 72 poison, get tea and solve; The home of big medical science such as the Zhang Zhong scene of Chinese generation, Hua Tuo also treats all sorts of diseases with tea; Tang Song times more tea and medical tea wide application has a headache at preventing and cure, phlegmy heat, constellation is fed, disappear thirsty, pee is illogical, the disease such as relieve oneself haemorrhage, and filling kidney is strong bright eye, firm flesh grows waist, acute hearing ear of sanitarian preserve one's health of the flesh article; To bright Qing Dynasty the therapeutics of times medicine tea, health care tea that makes up with Chinese herbal medicine has very great progress more, the respect such as the limits of the prescription of concerned medicine tea and sanitarian tea, application, method that make is enriched ceaselessly and perfect, contrived the medical tea of a large number of effective, health care tea, they become the jewel of a bright in treasury of motherland tradition medicine, have curative effect tall, make easily, use convenient wait for a characteristic, love by people.

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