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Differentiate true and false simply to suffer from Ding Chayou doohickey

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The tea service that suffer from man has clear hot detoxify, antiphlogistic benefit to wait for a function, it is the first selection drink of summer of a lot of people, but because lack a few relevant common sense, a lot of consumer are buying bitter Ding Chashi to be deceived not to say, drinkable hind can have a few undesirable reaction even. For this, reporter the choose and buy sufferred from fourth tea problem to interview relevant personage with respect to how, according to introducing, bitter fourth tea can abide by the choose and buy " see 3 gustation of 2 bubble " process detailed is added differentiate.

Look, appearance feature legibility

Consumer is buying bitter Ding Chashi, want to watch its external form carefully above all. The lamina of the tea that suffer from man is thicker, show more elliptic, and blade wants than other tea a little somes big. If be the tea that tender bud-leaf makes, criterion the appearance is brawny, curly, basically won't have fluff. It is good that quality goods suffers from fourth tea glossiness, show blackish green scene more.

After observing these, consumer still can try the feel of tea, catch a tea, there is grain, powder in feeling a hand other perhaps broken sundry, middle tea is much, cut even had better tea. If feel raise of the tea in the hand has dust apparently, or eyewinker move contains other foreign matter possibly ceaselessly, this kind of tea is unfavorable buy.

Bubble, strong bubble still has taste 10 times

According to introducing, the characteristic with the most marked tea that suffer from man is to be able to bear or endure strong bubble, accordingly, the choose and buy suffers from Ding Chashi to observe whether its were able to bear or endure to become the important level that measures tea stand or fall to bubble.

When consumer is being bought, can take right amount tea to develop bubble, to bubble with 1 gram tea 150 milliliter boiled water is exemple, common tea can develop bubble only 2 - 3, water is renewed to be able to feel flavour few is weak later. And bitter Ding Chaze can develop bubble 8 - 10 or so, and carry its full-bodied scent.

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