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Tea of Meng sea big increase is hit win Hong Kong to guard battle

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Now, of factory of Meng sea tea " big increase " brand registers application to announce the official website in arrange of intellectual property of bulletin of Hong Kong intellectual property and government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to go up. As a result of " big increase " brand is the Pu'er tea label with the famousest factory of Meng sea tea (register inside already) , not only for social place accepted, and register data everything needed is ready. Accordingly, register successfully in harbor already did not have be concerned about. My province is famous of Pu'er tea brand " Hong Kong guards battle " victory or defeat already was decided.

Pu'er tea is hot draw ill will to grab note

Introduce according to personage of know the inside story, on May 27, 2006, arrange of intellectual property of Hong Kong special zone accepted what some old surname businessman refers Fujian Anxi " big increase " brand registers application. Its apply for content to include: The merchandise category that waits inside registers pink of tea, tea beverage, green tea, candy, beans, rice. Its apply for to register " big increase " of brand and factory of Meng sea tea " big increase " brand style and composition of a picture agree completely.

According to Hong Kong law, if registers inside trademark wants to be protected in Hong Kong by law, the enterprise must put forward to register application separately according to Hong Kong law. "Big increase " once brand is grabbed in harbor note a success, the company that is robbed to note trade mark will be not gotten this label is used inside this area. Accordingly, the company that is robbed to note trade mark no matter achieves brand, high price additionally to counter-purchase, or it is the brand that is grabbed to note through legal approach cancel, will defer its product to hold the time of the market, drop market share.

Professional personage analysis thinks, once Chen Mou is in what Hong Kong applies for " big increase " brand registers a success, can affect directly not only " big increase " the market of the brand goes situation, and the sale that will affect whole Yunnan Pu'er tea to reach overseas market in Hong Kong.

Win initial success of Yunnan tea group " big increase " guard battle

According to introducing, establish the plant of Meng sea tea 1938, its make " big increase " Pu'er tea is represented a few years by what the praise highly inside course of study is classical Pu'er tea all the time, become the Pu'er tea curiosa that people collects eagerly. 1989, factory of Meng sea tea was registered inside " big increase " brand.

Big increase " one classics opens the information that brand is robbed to note, the height that caused Yunnan to save relevant section and Pu'er tea industry takes seriously.

Controller of factory of Meng sea tea is after incident happening, urgent negotiation, immediately carries relevant channel, put forward to be registered in Hong Kong to arrange of intellectual property of Hong Kong special zone lawfully " big increase " the application of brand, began to recapture " big increase " of the trade mark right that is in Hong Kong area " big increase guards battle " .
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