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How should tea look forward to answer an industry to upgrade challenge

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Chinese tea, regard a kind of health as drink of drink of drink of drink, a kind of spirit, a kind of affection, a kind of culture, be being accepted by more and more people, love and go after. People begins to pay attention to not only drink good tea, drink well-known tea, and the atmosphere that the method that begins the appliance that pays attention to make tea, exquisite make tea, pursuit tastes tea, mood and experience. These demand of consumer raised two questions to skimp tea company: It is we should offer what kind of product to consumer, 2 it is the product that should be popularized with what means and sells us.

Wait to evolve and develop by village of business of tea grower, tea, tea and tea company of China comes mostly, although had brand consciousness in last few years, registered oneself tea brand in succession, but had not broken away from " traffic " mode, consumer knows Dragon Well tea, avalokitesvara, Pu Er, Mao Jian, green jade of the tea name such as snail spring a lot of, and those who know specific tea brand is very few. Tea company of China founds besides river of Li Rui of Taiwan tea person " Tian Fuming tea " beyond the sale that achieves nearly 2 billion yuan, sale crosses the enterprise can be counted on one's fingers of 100 million, the company that sale passes ten million is not much also, the tea company of great majority lies the dimensions of millions of sale.

Chinese tea wants and the drink such as beverage of coffee, carbonic acid, clean water contends for consumer, each category tea of China also should whack the market, the business that the brand does between same category tea besides the enterprise mutual the competition between, undertake competitive with tea grower of pedlar of 1 million small tea, ten million even. This is the grim unfavorable situation of Chinese tea and Chinese tea company!

Meanwhile, tea produced the various government of the area to also see tea consumes the prospective demand of the market, the benefit that strives for a country hard farming policy, expand local characteristic economy energetically, enlarge tea to grow an area in a large-scale. This formed a dumbbell: The tea that expands quickly is produced can consume demand with the tea of rapid growth between, sale is relatively fragile, perhaps say, the times that trains tea old brand and big company has come, our tea company should how him seek Where is outspread road?

Chinese tea company is to should have 3 transition above all:

One, product transition: Tea must be commodity by produce change, solve the commercial problem of tea product, the scale that includes production and treatment is changed, industrialized, standardization; The packing form of the product, the current distance of the product and current rate, the low cost that consumer is bought and uses is changed, convenience sex is waited a moment.

2, market transition: The yield of renown actor tea and annul have very outstanding district sex, sale market must produce the move outside the area by introversion yield a division, sale perspective is outward, breakthrough tea sells the area limit of the market.
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