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Stricken be hit by a natural adversity and newest circumstance reflects trade of

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On May 12 Sichuan shake of 8 class earth, cause significant loss to property of stricken people life. Plain northwest tea area and place tea company also are played havoc with. Rely on epicentral short of Wenshui River the north with plain closer county Fang of bamboo of guard of mouth of Xuan of city of dam of plain county, A, continous, assorted, install county, Qing Chuan, smooth fierce to wait for tea company to be destroyed by serious damage estrangement. Draw near Jiang Yan, elegant how, the tea company such as Lai of Pu Jiang, Qiong also is differred degree loss.

7 counties are at present daily near the epicenter still lie in 5-7 class aftershock, communication, traffic still is to close management (be confined to transports staff providing disaster relief, car of goods and materials is current) , accurate circumstance still cannot decide, this big earthquake causes preliminary count plain northwest tea area, tea garden makes an appointment with 5000 tons 380 thousand mus not to have harvest, tea company is controlled 100 times suffer severe loss. Add up to loss 400 million the left and right sides (contain tea garden 100 million, tea company 300 million) . Among them the loss is course of study of tea of Sichuan nature heaven badly limited company north plain company of tea of guard of mouth of Xuan of city of dam of town of beat of beat a drum of manufacturing base, north plain, A all raze to the ground (boreal plain base already died now 17 people) .

Current presence does not have harvest except stricken be hit by a natural adversity tea garden, the tea garden that still puts unmanned management, collect close, manage wait for a problem.

Countrywide tea person is, seismic callosity, the person has feeling. The appeal can get brother saves the support of tea bound colleague, aid, give a love to urge disaster area person counteractive calamity, heavy brace up the confidence of home, determination.

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