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Tea price can go high likely this year

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According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations newest published report points out, because domestic situation is queasy,cause Kenya tea likelihood reduction of output 10 % , state of insecurity of world market supply and demand or aggravate, price of international market tea will continue this year tall. In the meantime, occupy public figure of domestic share industry and expert to forecast, get the influence such as calamity weather, 8 years tea market of China is supplied will decrease somewhat, the price can have domestic tea to go up certainly raise. To broad tea friend, in former years can be normally by March, can sample at the beginning of April spring tea, the likelihood should defer period of time to appear on the market this year. Zhu Zhonghai of chief of department of current society news showed Chinese tea yesterday, "Guangxi, Anhui, Zhejiang produce tea to visit large area greatly stricken be hit by a natural adversity, this year spring tea appears on the market will defer somewhat, output also can fall somewhat " . Meanwhile, the price also will have go up certainly raise.

It is not only spring tea market, zhu Zhonghai thinks, from the point of whole, tea price of 8 years will rise somewhat than 7 years. He is analysed, the reason that rise basically has two sides, it is the influence of calamity getting snow, supply a likelihood to decrease somewhat. He introduces, the total output of our country tea was 102.6 tons 2006, "Specific data of 7 years has not be summarized, according to us preliminary predict, control in 1.1 million tons probably, the output that estimates 8 years may decrease somewhat " . Additional, the last few years, the demand year after year of tea is expanding, "Industry of large now beverage quickens the competition in tea beverage market to also can see compatriots is right the demand of tea is increasing " . Yunnan river saves Mr Zhang of limited company of tea imports and exports to think likewise, tea price will show the sign that rise this year. Affected the crop of tea besides snow calamity weather, cost of artificial, raw material rising also can be an influence this year the main factor of tea price, "Begin from last year, the state that tea price had presented to rise slowly " .

Come from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations newest a published report points out, price of international market tea also will continue this year tall. The report says, the grain that regards sex of global tea index as the price farming integrated price was in constituent tea to rose 11.6 % actually 2006, reach every kilograms of 1.83 dollars. And 2007, this one price rises further, reach every kilograms of 1.95 dollars. The report still points out, world tea crop grew more than 3 % 2006, achieve about 3.6 million tons, the output that the reason of growth basically is China blazes new trails again tall. Our country is the world go up the first produce tea big country, among them, 80% of green tea.
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