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My province prepares 50 million to support tea estate development

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The reporter saved know of tea estate office from Yunnan a few days ago, I saved already much channel to raise money 50 million RMB, use at tea company construction of loan pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange, base gives aid to and processing technique is transformed etc, of the breed such as the black tea that it is another name for Yunnan Province anabiosis provide safeguard. In the meantime, the plan inside this year reduces Pu'er tea to restrict the output of 45% , increase the production of the breed such as green tea of black tea of another name for Yunnan Province, another name for Yunnan Province.

Yunnan saves Yang Shanxi of director of tea estate office to introduce, from Pu'er tea market is fluctuant since last year, sell not free, but partial businessman lasts mass production Pu'er tea, yunnan is provincial last year tea total output 170 thousand tons, and Pu'er tea crop achieved 90 thousand tons, bring about at present Pu'er tea supply exceeds demand, tea industry structural adjustment is imperative.

Yang Shanxi introduces, the autumn tea this year has not closed, because of the cloud tea this this year total output does not have a law accurate beforehand appraise. But plan a Pu'er tea the adjusting control of 9 tons of crop from last year 50 thousand tons, the crop of black tea of another name for Yunnan Province go up from 6000 tons of last year tone arrives 15 thousand - 20 thousand tons, of the others use as the production of the breed such as green tea of another name for Yunnan Province. 50 million yuan of when coordinate from a variety of channel this year special fund, basically use in company of tea of a few keys, these enterprises produce per year a quantity to want to be in at least 500 tons of above, the product passes QS attestation, at present these money still do not have enterprise of all make known to lower levels.

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