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Trail brings together all directions off the source of China tea color display

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October 22 to 24, the first section of China held a grand tea horse road. In a festive atmosphere of harmony, ten thousand light show illuminate the ancient hand-Pu'er Prefecture, thousands of people walking Tea Horse Road, Pu'er tea (tribute tea) making skills show , Cha Ma Ancient Road Protection million signatures, more than 1.3 billion yuan of investment contract, an array of specialty products exhibition, a field of drama has debut, the former "old Pu'er Prefecture" merchants celebrities gathered lively scene in the Ning'er Earth to reproduce. October 22, the beginning of the night, the source of tea, said the beginning of Ning'er county immersed in the world of lamps. Tea Source Square, the streets in front of shops, antique Chinese lamps and national lamps each other, it will Ning'er County Block embellishment town the night full of affection. 8 pm, the much anticipated first Chinese tea horse road section of the curtain in the school playground officially opened Pu'er, guests and friends from all directions of the children gathered together with the tea-195000 Of goods Pu'er Jiaming, share visual and cultural feast. Provincial People's Congress announced that China's first deputy director Cheng Yingxuan Festival tea horse road. Mayor Li Xiaoping, an opening speech. Ning'er county party secretary division jump welcome speech. Rao Mingyong Ning'er County Magistrate presided over open Screen. Li Xiaoping behalf of the municipal, Municipal People's Congress, the municipal government, municipal CPPCC Chinese tea horse road to the first Festival warm congratulations to all the leaders come to the festival, distinguished guests, ladies and sincere welcome . He said the Tea Horse Road is the history of human civilization, a bright and constant road of ancient civilization, ancient civilization, the carrier of Frontier minority people unity and harmonious development of the historical evidence, and promoted among all ethnic groups Great integration, prosperity, great development. Tea Horse Road Festival held to fully explore and protect the valuable Tea Horse Road sites, heritage and promoting "unity, tolerance, and positive," the Tea Horse Road spirit of the text highlight the tea Of the glamor, the combination of bigger and stronger all the power of Pu'er Tea Horse Road and the two brands, and promote local economic and social development. Former Deputy Director of Provincial People's Congress, the provincial director of the Next Generation Working Committee, the Provincial Association of Zhang third tea, Institute of National Defense University, Major General Andrew Ma Liezhe, provincial Tea Horse Road Research Association, Ping Qin state , The Provincial Department of Culture, Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other provincial head of the unit; city leaders money Dewei, Dingyan Bo, Bai Wenbin, Xushao Zheng, Li Hua, Luo Weixiang, Zhaoping Yun, Wei Yi-hong, Tongshu Wei, Liu Lichun and Rock City Intermediate People's Court Wang Han; from Yunnan Province, state (city), Kunming county (district), representatives of municipal departments; media from outside the province more than a thousand guests and 2 thousand Ning'er County public participation Plus the opening ceremony. After the opening ceremony, singing the opening party for the elderly in the ancient indigenous songs start in the ancient and long history of a picture, a loud long dance poem "Tea Horse Road" through to the end, divided into "order", "Ancient Road Salt, "" Road style, "" Road sing "," Road of Love, "" tea world "of six chapters, by Dasan, Trail, caravan, Yantian and national customs, national culture to demonstrate the ancient source of Pu'er Prefecture From a long history of change, leading the audience into the mood for poetry and painting, the experience brought memories of long period and the impact trail, fully appreciate the tea core origin, distribution center, the source of Tea Horse Road, Pu'er Prefecture in ancient To --- "culture rather er, tea-style, tea is" the charm. Party, Irene Wan, Han Lei and other stars have performed on stage, Yunnan local singer Xiong Rulin also offer a "blue", "the world Pu'er Tea, "two songs. Horse Road section of the current Chinese tea from the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture, Tourism Bureau of Yunnan Province, People's Government of Pu'er City, Yunnan Pu'er Tea Association of Yunnan Province, will host the Tea Horse Road, Ning'er County People's Government. First Pu'er Tea Horse Road in China during the festival, also held a "Tea Horse Road Protection million signatures," "thousands of people walking Tea Horse Road", "Central Pu'er Mountain Bike Race," "tea (tribute tea) production art show" "Pu Er Jiebei reunification monument tribute tea ceremony "," Tea Horse Road Culture Photography Exhibition "and" tea trade talks "more than ten events. Google 翻译适合以下用途:搜索视频电子邮件手机聊天商务
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