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Yunnan Puer Tea Festival out of China into the world

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Chinese Festival for the first time out of Pu'er tea leaves, out of Yunnan, in Shanghai. Expectations with Shanghai this international platform to offer tea to more international friends, to show the thick tea culture to the world, pushing Activity Pu'er to the world, into the world. Chinese tea in the festival held in Shanghai, there are tea products and tourism promotion, scientific expert forum Puer, Pu'er tea, high tea, Pu'er helping visited Shanghai and a series of activities to thank. Among them, the large original Eco dance "Puer world 2010" for the first time at the Shanghai Grand Theatre. Pu'er City show Wa, Lahu Original song-based, taking into account other national elements of Pu'er, including dance Wa, Lahu Lusheng dance, swing dance Pu'er tea and ethnic songs, drinking songs, love songs, folk customs, tea culture, and so on. Program into "legend", "Love Song", "Drinking Song", "Tea Song" and "Carol" five chapters, the first to worship, the original ecological Song and dance, tea ceremony, culture, Wa Lok integration, Lusheng performance, and other organic integration of national programs, the dress display, participation of national actors to perform all of the 150 villages from Pu'er City, built a city called after Pu'er Code national epic. "Puer world 2010" a successful debut after the performance, then a row at the Shanghai Grand Theatre 4 days, including two commercial performance. Performed showing a unique tea culture, the full development of Said, "ecology, harmony, charm" Pu'er the beautiful color and rich flavor.
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