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Puer tea fell 8 percent to close tea gardens barren

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Pu'er tea fell 8 percent to close tea gardens barren The last few days, "Economic Information Network" has been reported that the cost of the madness series, this year, some of the pricing of goods from the basic principle of hot money speculation, prices soaring, we previously reported in Fujian Red Black tea gowns and Hunan skyrocketing news. Scoop Dahongpao pound ten thousand yuan, a 1950 production of black tea fired in Hunan to 48 million. These crazy price changes, people can not help but think of a few years ago to be sensation of tea. 2006, when a lot of money into the speculation of tea, manufacturers and even consumers, businesses, are hoarding Pu'er. The past few years have passed, fried Pu'er, who are making money or losing money out? Our reporters were in Yunnan and Shenzhen Investigation. Meng flat rock over the town of Yunnan Menghai tea factory boss Chengzihe Village, watching the pressure in a tons of tea at home, the mood was very troubled. Yunnan Menghai Chengzi Village town full of tea Meng Yan bian director: "This is the 2007 into the tea, there are more than a ton, was 200 yuan a kg, now worth only four, not ten yuan a kilogram, the value was more than 20 million, now about 6. " Flat rock that, when the tea can only be described as crazy. 2002, 20 grams of tea auctions a 1.65 million yuan; 2005, mentioning Seven tea cakes created the myth of 160 million in auction; 2007, in the ASEAN Expo, The so-called king of one kilogram of tea is priced more than 600 million price. In the first half of 2006 -2007, as a lot of hot money into the tea market, tea appreciation of 100% -200% on average, some even appreciate more than 10 times. Each ordinary tea cake has soared by two thirty yuan to 200 yuan. Even the tea, is also fetched. Yunnan Menghai Chengzi Village town full of tea Meng Yan bian director: "platform more than 100 tea, tea trees more than 300, more than 1,000 (one kilogram)." But did not last long, since the second half of 2007, Yunnan Pu'er tea is almost the bottom fell overnight, hit back immediately worth prototype to hit rock bottom last year, is, when 6 million yuan worth of one kilogram of tea Wang also Only the value of 10 million, slid more than 50 times. The source of fresh tea, it is less than a dollar per kg, farmers were simply not taken tea, let it barren. Yunnan Menghai Chengzi Village town full of tea Meng Yan bian director: "Last year, farmers do not go picking, and not enough wages." There are also tea factory was deserted. Menghai for only 2007, more than 200 tea factories in 2008, only 40 more than the year 2009 may not be sufficient to maintain the production of 20, and the entire original 3,000 Pu'er in Yunnan Province Tea manufacturers dropped to last year, only in the production of dozens of tea. The value of tea began to shift from the headline to be underestimated. Yunnan Menghai Chengzi Village town full of tea Meng Yan bian director: "tea spike consequences: on consumer confidence and the industry is a destruction." Drought-reduced tea swinging back this year Tea market, has been volatile the past few years, into the low prices last year, when tea, Yunnan experienced three quarters of the winter spring and summer drought. Severe drought in large areas of tea production. Therefore, this year in Yunnan The spring of fresh tea prices began to rise, raw materials, cut, begin to make this year's tea prices began to rise. This year's tea, what has emerged a new change? Continue to look at a press investigation. The main producing areas in the tea Menghai, spring and the platform this year, a kilogram of tea sold Maocha 18 million, while last year was 13 million; this year's autumn tea per kg of raw tea leaves platform also rose from last year's 9 yuan to 14 yuan. Spring tea tree Maocha 350-380 yuan per kg ex-factory price, autumn tea, raw tea leaves are sold for 200 yuan a kg, compared with last year rose 30%. Yunnan Menghai Chengzi Village town full of tea Meng Yan bian director: "rose 5 yuan per kilogram, up 7 yuan next year." Maocha rise, as the downstream products of tea, the natural increase. General Manager of Shenzhen Hongyun Tea Wu Zhien: "This year the price of tea rose 15-20%, high up by 60%." Yunnan Agricultural Information Network, according to statistics, the price of tea after a callback after two years, has increased by about 30%. This large-leafed species such as tea trees, time of 3,4 months of this year, this collection Maocha tea trees Purchase price is 300 yuan per kilogram, to June had risen to 500 yuan a. Market, the old trees in early May this year, tea or 500 yuan per kilogram, and is now 800 yuan per kg, which is almost close to the highest price in 2007 when the. Yunnan Tea Group Sales Manager Cheong Tai Shi Yunhai: "1,000 dollars a kilogram in 2007, now restored to 800 yuan of money, the price rise is the fastest, Wu Yi Tea 07 700 yuan, now restored to 500 yuan. " Although the rise of tea this year is no longer small, and even individual trees have doubled the price of tea, but the industry is that the price of tea is now also part of Rational Rose, the reason prices are very reasonable, not speculation Results. Yunnan Menghai Chengzi Village town full of farmers Meng Yan bian: "influenced by the weather this year, a decrease of 30%." Yang Kai researchers in Yunnan Pu'er tea: "This year, because tea prices affected by weather and market response." Refused to regulate fired origin tea Just read the news, we can say, just to recover the tea, and now some of the wind in the intervention speculation, although the market is now pricing in the industry believe it is within reason, but in the big red robe, black tea was To stir, even after the record high price, we are concerned that tea will not further follow the path of these products do? Read press investigation. Although weather and other factors, industry-wide cut Pu'er, price increases, but the industry believes that this can not, as in 2007, as ups and downs. General Manager of Shenzhen Hongyun Tea Wu Zhien: "the phenomenon does not occur in 2007." The speculation then tea, Pu'er tea is a lot of the big brands, manufacturers only be ex-factory price, so that each dealer Scoop the price of tea on the yuan. Some tea, a wholesaler there is more than 10, more than 30 secondary wholesalers , Manufacturers by revenue bonds to control the distributors. Bubble tea in 2007, it was fried up by the middlemen. General Manager of Shenzhen Hongyun Tea Wu Zhien: "First of all, as the manufacturer, the sales aspect of strengthening the control channel, and the second business become more rational, because many people still hand goods, for consumers, he has The formation of a rational consumer. " Stir to prevent the tea once again been given a devastating blow to the market tea, Pu'er tea industry city office every day to call all Dasan, the latest trends, monitor real-time prices, they Even Wu Yi and Menghai in the number of South Koreans, the number of Malaysians, all of them clearly. The farmers and merchants, but also worried that tea prices were inflated, out of control, because in the end, or they suffer. Farmers: "do not want the phenomenon of 2007." Tea: "With the steady development of tea two years, whether any of the enterprises or the market and stable development of our dealers want to see, not willing to accept the phenomenon of ups and downs."
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