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Opium tea solution

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First, the inhibition of the toxic smoke carcinogens. Was reported in 1976, Sanderson catechins in tea leaf structure can remove nitrite, and nitrite in tobacco leaves produced in the combustion process nitrosamines. Therefore, tea leaves that have a potential role in cancer. According to American scholar Amers test, that the cigarette filter to add L-form catechol gallate, significantly inhibited the effects of tobacco carcinogens. Second, the elimination of nicotine toxicity. Nicotine also known as "nicotine" (Nicotin, C10H14N2) and smoke fine. Have severe toxicity, boiling point 247 ℃. If a suction capacity of 400mg will make a person to death. It can stimulate the central nervous system and heart. The study found that a large number of the former Soviet Union, with the polyphenols in tea leaf tannins and tannic acid nicotine in cigarettes can be combined with the formation of toxic compounds, in addition, there is a good filter on the role of nicotine. British study also showed that the tannins in tea leaves with damage and reduce the toxic effects of nicotine in tobacco and to develop an alkali content of cigarette smoke "tobacco tea" on the market. Three of free radicals. Some scholars in recent years, after animal tests proved that the toxicity of cigarette tar has not decreased and then significantly reduced, thus speculated that toxic tar cigarettes may not be the "carcinogen", and toxicity of mainly aldehydes, phenolic compounds Some still do not know of free radicals. Some scholars believe that smoking cigarettes containing flue gas and so many of alkyl radicals. These free radicals can induce membrane lipid peroxidation of macromolecules, and exacerbated with prolonged smoking. Fourth, to eliminate the role of smoke smell. Tea leaves contain high levels of flavonoids and catechins, is a good deodorant, they can clear the bad breath caused by smoking. Thus, in the late 80s of last century in China and Japan have been cleared of the bad breath after smoking and detoxification tea products come out. Deodorants containing tea leaves gum, chewing 3 minutes can be effective for deodorizing smelly smoke more than 90%.
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