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Same applies for free tea party long national search for tea

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Tea has been long since the same applies to do to get the support of many for tea, especially the large number of pure heart, three drunk and other support for tea. Although we are the first large public school of tea, but it has been part of a pure heart before or three drunk Cha involved to seek their views and be part of the strong demand for tea, and we will be same applies in this long series of tea and we together to be shared. 2010, four tea tree pure material: South waxy thousands of Yau Yue Zhai Jing Mai Conventional tea 2: Things (Health) Love (cooked) More than a total of 10 tea samples, each 10 grams total weight of all 100 grams of tea samples. After you receive the kind of tea, please drink, this event aimed at tea on the sense of time in the pure heart and Forum please http://teabbs.zjol.com.cn/viewthread.php?tid=116026&extra=page % 3D1 & page = 1 on a short speech, we will ultimately vote for the best written reflections of the top three for tea, we sponsor awards will be given. First Place: Award of this long delivery of the 4 same applies in the pure tea tree any materials 2 and 1 pie (357 g / cake) Second: Awards The same applies long delivery of the 4 pure tea tree material in any 1 1 pie (357 g / cake) Third: Long Things Past award same applies a set of raw and cooked (250 g / cake were two cakes) Activities, rules. This activity allows the number of applications for the 1000. Requirements to participate in this activity are: Limit 1 per ID. 1, the registration time: the start date of the announcement 2, Deadline: End of school until the tea; 3, tea-like self-pay the freight for tea (the default send EMS express, 10 Postage (including packaging materials, only mainland China), select other courier, please explain in advance), or choose to pay by SF Express, usually 20 yuan.
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