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Taste tea will nod beautiful refreshments

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Nowadays, taste tea to taste bit of fashion that already became numerous tea friend, house of each tea art is renovated in the pattern on the management of refreshments, be very happy with it. Of Guangzhou place hobby " one handleless cup two " , former those who point to is to drink tea, what latter says is to taste a dot namely. Refreshments should contain aesthetic feature, want to get used to tea sex, 2 should have view and admire gender and sample quality, its are the biggest the feature should be breed the much, skill that make diversity of complex, taste, body is cabinet and beautiful, and sample refreshments is chewing slowly again, fine fine savour.

Friends if be in tea art house,ask a guest to negotiate or as elegant as friend appraise, bubble one crock sweet tea while, what refreshments to choose most can does assist talk about add to the fun? Suggest you notice " does " of diversity of rare collocation, taste this principle, can choose a thick soup of cake of spring roll, fried dumpling, dumpling, a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top, steamed bread, Shang Tuan, steamed stuffed bun, the daily life of a family, tremella to wait fastfood number plants medium random to match on a few dishes of roasted seeds and nuts or confiture again at the same time, become one table already decorous and big the tea banquet of economic material benefit

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