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Taste Ma Gu of tea of explore of Yunnan general Er to

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Pu'er tea collects value fashionable Yu Shiye specially with its is thing of nearly 20 years, factory of tea of Yunnan Meng sea produced 1988 " 7542 black cake " sell a few yuan only in those days, had climbed now litre to 4000 yuan of above. As Pu'er tea appreciate, more and more people begin to know Pu'er tea, collect Pu'er tea, gudao heats up horse of tea of seek by inquiry also again arisen.

"Arrack with old for beautiful, tea with new had better " , unluckily Pu'er tea is the alien in tea, long hide and do not deteriorate, because its comply with health care, tide reducing weight,wait again for broad place of the person that collect loves. And other places of Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan, "Your Pu Er? " the pet phrase that had become a fashion.

1996, a 2700 one's remaining years are feral tea tree is discovered, king of the oldest and feral ancient tea tree discovers on the world before proving this is eye. The discovery of this tea tree the ground -- Yunnan province thinks of cogongrass area to press down Yuan county 9 armour countryside 1000 stockaded village also at in those days famed at the world. The city that think of cogongrass is located in Yunnan to visit southwest department, with border on of Vietnam, Laos, Burmese the Three Kingdoms, land area kilometer of 45 thousand square, on April 8, 2007, via approval of Chinese the State Council, yunnan province considers cogongrass city formal more the name is Pu Er city, county of Er of general of administer of place of the former city that think of cogongrass more the name is Ning Er county. Namely so out-of-the-way small town, because of Pu'er tea, so-called be " world tea source, chinese tea city, pu'er tea " .

" annals of general Er government office " in hold such line:

Tea is called out repeatedly before parrot brim, laugh in Chun Jiutang language clang.

Say in all year come scenery is good, street sells Bai Tang early the flower.

This poem carries Yu Qingdao light 20 years, the artistic conception in the poem is person of government office of Er of the 150 many general year ago to drink tea scene roughly: Broad hall hall, annatto chair; Tea is sweet feed the United States, content abundant condition is installed; Tan Fengsong is elegant, guest and host is tasteful. See the situation of the ancients endearment to Pu'er tea.

Because Pu'er tea is arisen,tea Ma Gu

Tea horse ancient course is the circuitry of Pu'er tea of the carry outside ancient time, rely on the civilian passageway that life mouse out comes to by a train of horses carrying goods and equestrian boiler head. The fountainhead of ancient course with Pu Er, think of cogongrass two cities are a center, eastwards, on the west, south, boreal radiate gives highway of 5 tea horse.

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