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Drink tea 3

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The ancients drinks tea pay attention to 6 conditions: Choose tea, anthology water, beautiful woman, deserve to provide, environment and drink person accomplishment, its core is in hold " article " word, emphasize the artistic concept of the person that drink tea very, reason has " 3 " say: Interesting, magical, get taste.

Say interestingly. Drink tea but clear heart, can mix in order to satisfy to the person enjoy, increase the interest of the life. Drink tea exquisite " live fire flowing water " , water is beautiful with spring, pass ground of sanded stone cliff because of spring filter, absorb carbon dioxide, dissolved a variety of 60 elements such as sodium, Potassium, calcium, make water quality clean pleasant clear, nutrition is rich; Fire is with charcoal on, duration is like with shape " crab eye already crossed piscine look unfamiliar, make sth dry or cool of make sth dry or cool is about to make Song Fengming " 3 boiling water had better. Taste tea to want to rely on vision, touch, smell and taste, him resort has the training of element and long experience, pass the appreciate of lubricious to tea, sweet, flavour, form, ability samples the scent of soup giving tea and flavor. Drink tea to have to the person go to condition, know He Yi of sex of manage, body's magical effect. Close friend old friends and acquaintances meets, bubble crock good tea, contain flower chew China, fine fine sip, the edge talks about edge drink, talk about Gu Daojin, jump over Tan Yue shirt-sleeve and drink, relaxed, meaning gets feeling new, do not have one time " dirt heart is washed to one's heart's content use up hard " refined taste, give a person with a kind of feeling that is not immortal of immortal be better than!

2 say magically. " divine farming feeds classics " on account: "Tea tender tea leaves is long take, your person is strong, yue annals. " its means drinks tea can make person energy excited and full, cheerful. The beauty that drink tea is in Yu Qingxu is harmonious. It advocates brief qualitative indifferent to fame or benefit, do not cater to lay bad habit, and depend on declaring " without me " consciousness, help people " wash a bosom to accumulate sluggish mediumly, send mixed essence clear to enrage " , be believed with one each to the person and implicative, auspicious and culture atmosphere of Qing Li. If people has an opportunity to be in the cafes below hole of Lian of fierce exterminate landscape, with the summit " vivid source " the spring make tea that flows tea of a cup of cliff, watch scene of flying waterfall hill, taste pleasant cold sweet tea, oneself one is plant too mixed air, make the luck to eat sth delicious of person the good luck of seeing sth rare holds concurrently and get, get angry to swing empty cereal, fetch to sell green hill suddenly " " mind bosom chest! Drink tea still can with " berth of clear mellow peaceful, natural Dan " verve, make people from the tradition of the Chinese nation with vigorous and firm of primitive simplicity in culture, comprehend " with tea feasible method " country drink elite, its gist is an advice ceremony of people esteem tea, scrupulously abide by tea heart: "Heart of cheap frugal Yo, beautiful true peace and happiness, conduct oneself in society with the city, adore humanness " , conduce to the Jiaohua of social culture, harmony and stability.
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