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Taste tea ponder

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Tea, it is a kind of beverage or a kind of special handicraft not only, a cup of tea is in hand, already can Wenxiang is savoured. Examine colour watchs scene, can be in again drink tea environment, in the atmosphere of the poetics picture meaning of tea service sex of happy Yue affection, taste tea ponder, full of humour and wit, since the enjoyment of a kind of material, also be rich life interest, bring about the exalted recreation of peaceful of easy of body and mind, china drinks tea the history is the earliest, know the true interest that drink tea most so, entertain guests use tea and it is end of on bubble one cup of tea comes to an end before the guest not just, should accomplish however " tea quality is good, make tea water quality is good, tea service quality of a material is good, make tea modulation is good, courteous good. Courteous good..

Tea quality: Breed of our country tea is various, each have distinguishing feature, accordingly, not be to say to must have of every description high well-known tea, basically is to show tea wants pure cleanness, dry faint scent, strong bubble tastes drink, flavor alcohol and, have bright heart to the person the feeling of happy god, there are peculiar smell or be affected with damp be affected with damp in wanting to prevent tea at the same time.

Make tea water quality: Good tea still must rely on good water to develop bubble, ability shows the sweet alcohol that come out is honey adequately, water quality is different, if use,the dark brown, sweet, flavour that the make tea comes out also differs contain the water with much sulfur content to make tea to be sufferred from, contain sodium many salty, contain calcium many acerbity, contain iron many tea soup is nigrescent.

Tea service quality: Xian Jie's delicate tea, deserve to go up elegant and excellent tea service, foil even more the tea that the fluid color of soup giving tea maintains full-bodied is sweet, and the enjoyment that purificatory tea service itself is a kind of beauty, increase infinite interest for Pin Ming.

Make tea modulation: Cultured develops bubble skill, it is the main factor that obtains boiling water of high grade tea, the boil rate that make tea uses water and water are warm, should inspect water quality stand or fall and tea kind grade discretion and calm, burn Shui Zhigang to just began boil can, need not excessive boil boils, if water quality is poorer, can boil a little while more for sanitation, with exterminating a bacterium adequately, make harmful material precipitates, assure health, the water Wen Yue of make tea is tall at the same time, the fragrance in tea soup just can be developed better, to beg make the best of both worlds, taste drink water of delicate and high green tea is warm control in 80 ℃ , young tender end tea but again a bit lower, can maintain the vitamin in tea already so, can make tea effective again component soak, won't damage tea flavor.

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