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Judge 2 taste good tea of ancient bronze mirror

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Judge tea

Enter tea dish in, directional rotate.

Degrees what see tea is whole are mixed look-through and all alone degree of tightness is wide, do not have the actor of qualitative good taste of divide evenly cheek by jowl.

2 those who see tea is clean degree, had jumped over lesser with seed of tea stalk, Xie Bing, tea.

3 see its colour and lustre, black tea kind with black brown fat profit had better, green tea kind it is beautiful with emerald green luster. Through circling, put close nose, can smell its odour, if aroma is full-bodied, namely had better tea.

Taste tea

It is Wen Xiang gas, full-bodied, pure larynx, be able to bear or endure the person that hear is beautiful.

2 it is to look dark brown, black tea with Gong Yan, bright and limpid person had better; Green tea, scented tea with color green, show for beautiful.

3 it is the flavour that taste tea, black tea with grumous, Xian Shuang, sterling and have sweet taste to go up; Green tea, scented tea is mixed with alcohol, delicacy is sweet for beautiful.

4 it is tea seeing an end, the bottom tea that bubble crosses with colour and lustre even, color is consistent had better, in tea bottom germinal much person for high tea. Foliaceous bright luster is new tea.

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