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Taste tea to pay attention to a state

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Tea drink arrives certain level, want to pay attention to a state. The first it is knowledge tea. Chinese tea category is various, each have distinguishing feature. Drink person most at least kongfu, should taste know what tea. Also want to know scented tea, green tea at least, black tea, the distinction of oolong, black tea. It is to want resolution to reach next the actor bad of tea. The character difference of tea is great, extremely fine also. It is green tea together, dragon Well tea and green jade snail spring has a difference; It is Dragon Well tea together, fancy have a difference with one class; It is oolong together, cliff tea and a variety of oolong tea have a difference; It is cliff tea together, this hill and outside hill has a difference. Although need not be like professional tea division so accurate, at least also important news reachs sweet model, drink reach full-bodied and dilettante, this ability tastes a lasting appeal.

Had the base that knows tea, ability enters taller state: It is knowledge water above all. Tea since a kind of beverage, be about to stress the quality of the water of make tea. Already had a lot of brilliant views to this the ancients, classic view is " spring is optimal, well water take second place, jiang Shui take second place " . And if can be drunk like Wang Anshi,should reach the distinction of Jiang Zhongshui and river tail water. The circumstance already had a lot of change today. To city drink person for, nowhere can seek true spring well water, jiang Shui is polluted cannot drinkable. Comparing what get easily is high grade mineral water. The attention does not use clean water, more unfavorable with tap water. After having good water, know the method of strong bubble even. Generally speaking, green tea is simpler, 80 degrees of or so boiled water can. The temperature demand of oolong is higher, want to be burned now already, cannot boil boils too long. Had good tea good water, have good tea service even. This is to know implement. Chinese tea implement, it is the art of a grandiose. Best should count Jiangsu appropriate to promote violet arenaceous crock of course. Renown crock value surpasses gold. Divide this, still have a lot of tea implement the porcelain tea that is like moralization, Jingdezhen implement very beautiful also. To ordinary water person for, want to have an eye for. But the most important is to should understand boiled water and implemental and suitable reason. For instance, oolong should be used " graceful unripe crock, the Ou that be like treasure " , must pour boiled water in small Ou from crock, exquisite still deserves to have the Wen Xiang cup of big toe size, the drink after be being heard first, call kongfu tea again so. Green tea had better use glass, in seeing tea be appeared in glittering and translucent get rid of, blossom like the flower, not drink first drunk, natural have a distinctive flavour. Knowledge implement still weigh means to want to be able to be known big implement. The external environment when drinking tea namely. Tasting tea is a kind of decorous recreational activity, if concealed is like showing light music,can listen by the side of drink of the edge in the teahouse in display elegance; Can be in friend home from bubble from drink, follow one's inclinations, sip slowly article. Can be in before the flowers and below the moon, by the side of the water other the tree, on the ground holds bottle, with natural associate with. Without giving thought to what environment, when with quiet, clean to go up, just have interest.
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