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Taste tea go out one time " elegant " state

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The dinner party is more recently, it is wedding breakfast mostly, those who have birthday, have marry, more it is the wine of see sb off that takes an examination of a college. Because of deeply wine force, every daytime eyes showing the effects of drink is hazy, dizzy day dizzy ground. Know, understanding is drunk wine, do not know still thinking is to be in play the part of " cruel " , install " dark " . If the dream makes,read now " the mood that drinks tea " , send crank suddenly, if likelihood, have if the dream makes a judge promulgate,please law: On banquet uniform drink tea, must not drink, punish severely of the person that violate! Hey, such since it is good to should have many. Think so, wine also woke, the head also did not ache, the mood becomes an Anacreontic sky.

Be like a dream to make is read Mr Lin Qingxuan " lotus scented tea " reach of this beautiful article, his article ever also was had the honor to read before, there is a deep feeling only after reading: Lin Laoxian is born is a tall person really, he drinks tea, like the winter in cold wind cold respectful, or in dry,crisp air of autumn season, late at night arrive when numerous sound is silent, be in alone quiet in Pin Ming, come so, the thread of ideas in writing emerges like the spring, dash along, stream drip give an excellent poetic chapter. Lin Laoxian is unripe drink tea, those who drink is a kind of state, those who drink is a kind of deep buddhist desire.

Respecting buddhist meaning, remember a Gu Lian: "Charm of Zhu Yusong organ, sound of book of month of tea smoke Wu " . This couplet, it is a pure and fresh and elegant wash namely, also be in ancient time the Buddhism buddhist idea that place of a lot of guest of bookman Chinese ink pursue. The ancients tastes tea, carefree and easy and comfortable, decorous sky is clever. If join deep meditation,taste tea, this kind of artistic conception, the urbanite that was used to coffee and coke cannot experience. "Since Liu Yu unripe world, terrestrial look learns thing new tea " , connotation of Chinese tea culture is rich, meaning charm is boundless, for of all ages countless bookman place take delight in talking about.

Tea culture of China is broad and profound really, this kind of feeling also must come inadvertently. At the beginning of this year, travel to Hainan, the tourist guide travels us this round belt produces rare tea to " orchid noble " , " bitter clove " tea plantation looks around, companions have veiled word more, say the tourist guide is the commercial activity that has talked things over with manufacturer, it is a kind of sales promotion that covert. But look around end, I feel worthy trip. Look around having a link is the tea that views young ladies art performance. The young ladies that undertake tea art is performed each attire quietly elegant, organ is melting, tea art performs a stage to be become by a huge stub sculpture, qing Long is illegallied or forcibly occupy above, violet gas rises; The tea service on performance stage also very fastidious, it is appliance of very elegant pottery and porcelain. Performing link to be written down is not very clear, but the performance ends, what word also did not say the associates that see of purpose to seeing an activity this at first, each opens each purse in succession, in travel bag replete " orchid noble " and " bitter clove " .
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