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The aftertaste samples general Er ancient tea

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Pu'er tea nowadays can be in Beijing, Guangzhou and other places is popular, its mainest reason depends on it " blow oil " effect far and near is famed. Well-known, pu'er tea is had reduce fat of cholesterol, disappear to go the sanitarian function such as be bored with.

Ferial metropolis buys a lot of people now a few Pu'er tea, health care of in order to or do entertain a guest with. This period we were visited be located in road of couplet of sea of sea bead area 50 " tasting " tea art house, choose tea, strong tea, make tea for what you unscramble Pu Er, taste the tea such as tea path detail.

According to its operator bilks young lady introduction, want to choose a Pu'er tea cake with a good quality, must undertake " differentiate, hear, bubble, taste " wait for 4 big move. Here, "Differentiate " point to discern new, old Pu'er tea, color of new tea surface is greener, flavour is powerful; And old Pu'er tea course ferments, tea exterior shows purplish red scene. "Hear " point to hear tea aroma, pu'er tea is to jump over Chen Yue sweet, but this and mildew flavour are disparate. "Differentiate " point to Pu'er tea trying bubble, observe tea soup color, look of Shang Yan of age Pu'er tea is closer, but be like,be by no means black lacquer; And the tea soup color of new Pu'er tea is lighter. "Taste " point to try drink its flavor, new tea party has agonized taste, and often tea criterion sex is gentle, flavour relatively Gan Chun.

Current, the tea cake of the in a popular style that sells on market, its price is controlled in more than 100 yuan more, the reader can need to reach economic actual strength to choose accordingly according to his.

Winkle tea cake, it is to enter next " tea " program, we drink tea daily is for satisfy one's thirst mostly, and taste tea to differ, it is a process that cultivate one's morality raises sentiment of gender, edify, can promote the life of people grade. A complete Pu'er tea comes loose the strong bubble program of tea, want to pass 12 measure, begin from equipment household utensils, to tea of Wen Chaqi, ancient bronze mirror, cast tea, strong tea to wait to have corresponding standard, cong Jingxin begins, what taste Pu'er tea to tea soup entrance is lubricant with Gan Hou, say with its this is to be in taste tea, be inferior to saying this is to be in savor life, begin from what savour the suitable downy Chen Yun of Pu'er tea, let popular feeling wash plumbic China, life philosophic theory is realized in the ginseng between activity.

Pu'er tea path

Pu'er tea path shares 12 measure, provide from equipment begin, meantime " tea course group " it is indispensable.

Tea road program:

1, await Shang Xuan to provide (provide fully) : When strong make tea, tea service needs to had had, should heat water at the same time on (with spring Shui Weijia) .

2, ceremony guest offers tea (salute) : Take tea carry on one's shoulder, the Pu'er tea that will pour bubble namely, show with guest.
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