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When Pu'er tea develops bubble, the first bubble is not drunk, pu'er tea should wash tea above all, fall after strong bubble. If use water cup bubble when had better not build cap bubble, opening wide cup lid make tea, best water is warm when drinking the character that will drink OK and very good experience Pu'er tea in 40-50 Celsius.

To anaemic person, drinkable unripe general does not suit. The reason is unripe bask in the new tea that come out, agonized, drink rise quite " overbearing " , the person with angular and anaemic body does not suit drinkable. And ripe general is to be picked directly take tea course to ferment, go after the agonized flavour besides unripe general, health care of this kind of tea, preserve one's health, raise a stomach, fall blood pressure falls hematic fat, fit major person drinkable.

Basically want to reduce weight, and do not have anaemic body drink unripe tea effect to want betterer.

Of course what I need to remind everybody to notice is, although Pu'er tea says to have the effect that reduce weight, but it is not a kind of special medicine that reduce weight, and the effect that reduce weight is met because of the person different, do not want exceeding to have blind faith in some to plant so the product that reduce weight.

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