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We know, 20 old before, coke Cola walks along China, means of satisfy one's thirst entered;10 of times of carbonic acid beverage before New Year, in holding PT bottle when tap water, with natural lead Chinese beverage industry to enter water world;8 to sell the clean water of the dot before New Year, what health master broke a Chinese not to drink " of tea of " of the previous night is consuetudinary, make tea beverage leads coquettish number in Chinese beverage group year;5 before New Year, the chroma big fight of fruit juice and healthy beverage concept are faddish, chinese beverage industry enters;2003 of trend of the 4th spending year SARS period, of red canister cool tea wave the exclaim that red contrail lets the country is factitious, this shows level wave be beverage development in China. Cool tea has the property of satisfy one's thirst of beverage already, have healthy property again, accord with the pursuit of consumer, 2008, of domestic beverage industry new round of tide is met probably is to suffer " law of nations, immaterial culture bequest protects convention " cool tea of protection. With brands of each period popularity beverage run the rule and character, each have the brand of vitality, if want to develop continuously inside the industry, be about to have the individual character of the brand. Cool tea is the area austral mountain the drink that people uses clear hot detoxify, it is the model for painting of popularization of culture of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine originally. Before people accepts cool tea, accepted his culture above all. Accordingly, deep culture setting, make cool tea service has get run the nature of the industry.

The market sale of cool tea begins from 1995, real growth is in 2003, at present on alive bound 20 many countries all have a sale. Cool tea development is rapid, its reason has 3. It is the main character that cool tea has drink firstly, mouthfeel is good, the 2nd it is satisfy one's thirst, carbonic acid beverage is drunk morer more thirsty, but cool tea can be solved truly however stop thirsty problem, it is its healthy attribute thirdly. Coke Cola continued centenary, why to pin cool tea now? Do not have action to the improvement of body state because of it, this is told conversely also is the reason that cool tea can exceed sales volume of Coke Cola China quickly. Cool tea was sold in Guangdong area in the past, limits says a bit bigger it is to be in two vast areas, original producer is the ordinary common people of Guangdong. Cool now tea still has more broad market. The life position of common people is more and more substantial, now is not to only Guangdong has " to stay up late the habits and customs of " , countrywide each district includes our country, was at 6 o'clock no longer light-off slept, this is our lifestyle. The change of lifestyle provided vaster and vaster space to cool tea.

At this moment, 10 thousand Ji Le emerge as the times require! It is the beverage of new generation crowd, the representing's is a kind of pursuit youthful, pursuit is fashionable, pursue happy way of life. 10 thousand auspicious are happy it is the dietary characteristic according to modern, set out from sanitarian angle and develop, the blue pot of cool tea; that has weak bright mouthfeel installs happy beverage of 10 thousand auspicious by 10 thousand base group honor manufactures, produce by GMP standard, the site of factory visits Shenzhen city new and high area in Guangdong. Light and relaxed mouthfeel is the characteristic with the oldest product, and chrysanthemum itself has clear liver bright purpose effect, honeysuckle has the effect of clear hot detoxify, selfheal has the effect that prevents feeling cold, accordingly these composition close together to still have alcoholic drink of the solution that see smoke, hairdressing is raised colour, heighten the effect of body immunity force. 10 thousand auspicious are happy it is the dietary habit according to modern, through thorough research, set out from sanitarian angle and develop the cool tea of new generation of production.
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