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The tea of city of tea of north and south packs distinction

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Be in China, south and north are the simplest district differentiates. As a result of climate, consuetudinary with culture surroundings, and the clear distinction of economic setting, southern and northerner sample in tea, pack aesthetic go up to also be put in bigger distinction.

This period investigation, the different and aesthetic requirement that go up is packed in tea about south and north, teach vice-chairman of association of tea of Xu Jiaolin, Anxi by business school of overseas Chinese college Gao Jindian, and city of honored guest delegate, spring fragrances couplet of president of tea estate company Ms. Huang Yonggong sleeves finish. Here this print sends Xie Chen especially.

Investigate one:

Northerner likes atmosphere to pack

Northerner likes Anxi a variety of oolong tea, like to regard ceremony tea as to give a person this kind of tea. Like atmospheric to pack, the photograph of aesthetic emotional appeal with them bear, basically reflect choose at packing color of norms, packing, and on be fond of of quality of a material.

Norms: Like a jin of outfit or half jins install two kinds, still should undertake on the requirement vacuum-packed; The box that pack, canister, bag likes to slant good-sized, anyhow bulk is largish person, they prefer relatively.

Color: Like aureate or bright red look mostly, packing box and bag bagging especially is such more. What need reminds is, because taste water level finite, they are valued all the more to developing bubble method and drinkable method, mount ought to be wrapped in inside and outside apparent designation.

Quality of a material: Outer packing is in the majority with paper bag, with wooden box, aluminium alloy box also but. Inner packing bag should notice painty odour, must not use inferior dye, will be regarded as sham money otherwise and be offended to bother by expulsive tea city.

Proposal: If northward market has bigger client group, or achieve in some area of purpose piece famous degree, the proposal prints seat name to get the better of, be close to in order to show. Regard tea as the ceremony, allegedly more welcome.

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