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The storage life of tea is how long

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Tea is the drink that loves by the Chinese, but of tea good put period be after all how long can? Basically say green tea, black tea here, and the storage life of coffee.

Above develops bubble food 3 kinds mandatory want appropriate to declare at customs just but long-term edible, otherwise not only can lose original taste, the likelihood still can cause a disease or toxic.

Because green tea is easy moisture absorption is angry, when moisture achieves 5% above, with respect to meeting metamorphism, although the green tea that deposits for long did not unseal also can lose fragrance, because this should be taken the advantage of fresh when drinkable, below room temperature storage life is a year about, airtight container should be entered after unsealing inside, and should give out in less than of a month.

Because black tea has fermented completely, storage life is longer than green tea medicine, coal tub is installed or with aluminum foil paper the tea that pack is wrapped, can save 3 years, the tea package that puts paper bag is two years about. But after placing time to pass 3 years, fragrance can disappear, lose original gust.

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