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Tea lasts protect store up character technology

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The Xian Xie of tea is collected from tea tree after falling, its inclusion causes intense oxidation. If vitamin content reduces much more phenolic apperception to add up to the oxidation of content, the spends aroma part change of carbohydrate also is very apparent. If have the ester of Qing Xiechun acetic acid of fresh Xian Xiexiang, qing Xiechun is acerbity already the composition such as second ester disappears gradually. At the same time fat kind corporeal oxidation is decomposed form new aroma part.

In the height of mass production, tea is accomplished hard collect now make now, xian Xie is about to store up last especially south and summer, air temperature is high, xian Xie decays because of custodial not to be pooh-poohed, perhaps demote the pecuniary loss that processing causes is constant some thing. Accordingly, xian Xie stores up last the technology is the business that Xian Xie processes first class to weigh. Any tea factories (Xian Xie is machined) due and good Xian Xie stores up so that equipment lasts.

Viridescence of colour and lustre of high grade tea, aroma is long, but after in bags tea places time to grow slightly, original colour and lustre can have a change, because,this is although tea is in in the bag that pack, but the air in bag still can reach carbohydrate happening reaction with the Vc of tea, affect the quality of bright tea directly.

Because the chemistry of nitrogen is characteristic, as not chemical as other material produces reaction below groovy condition, so nitrogen is very good protection gas, because of this conditional area or tea factory, the method that should use vacuum to fill nitrogen to pack will pack tea, such not only can make tea saves time longer, maintain original colour and lustre, return the class that can increase tea.

Tea is packed cannot pack with simple vacuumize, because be in the carriage process of finished product tea, can tall stack is put, there is air in vacuum-packed bag, squeeze tea very easily broken.

Of Xian Xie and finished product last store up

A lot of can making character of lubricious fragrance of tea of tea process translate into active ingredient in bright leaf inclusion and character composition. In store up use up because of intense oxidation in the process, make amount of loss of bright leaf dry matter increases. Store up 24 hours below 20 degrees of conditions rate of loss of bright leaf dry matter is amounted to 5% , it leaves loss of store dry matter than 5 degrees of conditions the volume is high 60% . Dry matter loss is measured, as store up to lift and increase of temperature. This kind of loss makes Xian Xie makes tea rate reduce, dry matter loss is led 5% , be equal to made the virtually of finished product tea that go out decrease 5% . Can produce the Xian Xie of 100Kg so, can produce a 95Kg tea only now, little 5Kg. This kind of invisible economically loss is quite serious. After because this is collected,closing, reducing Xie Wen quickly is special be necessary.
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