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How to raise survival rate of tea seedling transplant

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Protect wet carry after offerring ground of the Miao Qi that grow tea, should classify plunge into bunch, ministry of the root when line-haul wants dip to cross yellow slop water. The caboodle when carry is pressed not exorbitant too solid, had better carry in evening or shade wet, ask the edge carries the edge is grown, maintain tea Miao Xinxian to spend. After rain Chu Qing or shade wet are cultivated, survival rate is top.

Dig plant greatly shallow by travel spacing in the rows 1.5 × 0.33 meters of standards, in cultivate go to cultivate channel, cultivate channel general deep 0.33 meters of above, 0.2 meters wide, be helpful for maintaining natural environment already so, be helpful for tea root be being plunged into greatly again. Tea seedling masters when grow " slimy door " as smooth as the ground, too deep adverse grow.
Ministry of root of seedling of the tea when the pine on next fact is grown should inspect edaphic manage to change character and sureness of dry humidity take into consideration the circumstances, gather up again next on exterior loosen the soil, enclothe cogongrass, leaf, straw to wait again after had irrigated water. Employ phosphor potash fertilizer wants when grow, fertilizer does not contact a department directly, had better pile the reuse after making with anxious marl.

Surface soil answers channel cultivated land to compare new reclaim the ground to grow vivid tea young plant not easily, because this is in,channel base should search surface soil when cultivating channel, will remove the subsoil that go up to build above.

Kind sufficient equipment young plant whether a full stand will be henceforth the premise of tea garden high and stable yields, every acupuncture point is chosen grow 2 to 3 individual plant be good at seedling, choose is born long slant small tea seedling, adopt a few methods that fertilize for many times, hurried speed of advance is long.
After the management after growing is grown, should undertake finalizing the design instantly clip, evaporate in order to reduce face of blade, will leave the ground the branch of 20 centimeters of above is cut, can use " with Miao Yomiao " the method undertakes short spic cuttage. Should have done after reach is grown defend drought, prevent frostbite and the work of prevention and cure of all sorts of plant diseases and insect pests.

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