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Prevent tea tree to pour the technical measure of spring chill

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According to atmosphere branch information, the near future will have a strong cold air to affect me to save. Be worth me to save early tea breed to leave in succession currently pick period, loquat young fruit period with expand of red bayberry bud period, serious " pour spring chill " can reach Yang Mei production to cause great harm to tea tree, loquat. Investigation makes clear, "Pour spring chill " light cause tea tree bud-leaf to deeply worried, generation " hemp is nodded " phenomenon, cause again piece already bud-leaf of bud tree tea is withered; Expand of red bayberry bud period in - 1 ℃ appears the freeze injury of different level, expression is disloyal to cannot blossom normally or be spent; Loquat young fruit - 3 ℃ produce a large number of freeze injury. Each district wants those who strengthen calamity sex weather to forecast forecast job, contact in time with observatory, understand the trends of climate, master weather variation circumstance, notice broad farmer in time message of calamity sex atmosphere, had done as early as possible " pour spring chill " precaution works, accomplish take preventive measures.

One, the technical measure that avoids tea tree freeze injury

(one) precautionary measures

1. Pluck in time. Right already bud tea bud, before freeze injury comes, the hill on seasonable organization personnel collects tea, as far as possible will already the bud-leaf of bud is picked and downhill, reduce a loss.

2. Tea garden litter. Every mus need litter 1500-2000 about kilogram, litter already but fight a drought, can prevent frostbite. Ground temperature of litter tea garden can be compared not litter tea garden raises 1-2 ℃ , can reduce frozen earth degree and deepness, retain edaphic moisture. Litter can use the tea tree branch of straw, fireweed, clip to wait a moment.

3. Fume smoke drive frost. The action that smokes cigarette is in tea garden the space forms mist, prevent caloric radiate to diffuse, use " greenhouse effect " precautionary late frost freezes, the effect is apparent, the method is before late frost comes, when air temperature falls to be controlled to 2 ℃ , undertake, set caboodle light a fire according to wind direction, relief, area, prevent late frost already collect manure.

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