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Science chooses tea of Meng sea great part of a historical period to plant seed

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Tea of Meng sea great part of a historical period tea of the pretty austral the name, Buddha sea tea, sexual breed is, belong to arbor model, especially big leaf kind, early bud is planted, produce mountain of Meng Hainan glutinous formerly, help advance somebody's career the history already evened more 800 years, it is our country's celebrated tea admirable breed.

This breed plant is lofty, ramose rarer, tree appearance opens business. Chun Ya Feburary bud of the last ten-day of a month, yo bud force is powerful, 3 Xie Cheng period are in one bud the middle ten days of a month on March. Bud-leaf is brawny, one bud 3 Xie Baiya weighs 153.2 grams, bud color is green yellow, fluff is much, hold tender sex strong, strong rate is inferior, fight cold sex to lose, under - 5 ℃ hard live through the winter, general mu produce can amount to 150 kilogram.

According to scientific analysis, spring tea 2 leaves Xian Xie contains one shoot theine 4.06% , amino acid 2.26% , tea is much more phenolic 32.77% , catechu element gross 181.72 milligram / gram. Comfortable make black tea and green tea, quality is very good.

Use local tea tree to actor or actress thoroughbred seed undertakes breeding calling sexual breed again, kind seed breed method is simple, cost is inferior, main root is long, unborn adaptability is strong, be able to bear or endure quite drought, be able to bear or endure barren, help advance somebody's career easily, survival rate is high, hill of tea of very appropriate Yu Gu, ancient tea garden fills tea tree of carry on of rare, fill a vacancy, implantation and without poverty of tea, little tea a mountainous area the need that takes off deficient to become rich.

1, tea seed adopts the main standard that control:

(1) collect receive period: Be tea seed matures in succession at present collect receive time. The standard with tea mature fruit is: Fruit carapace is shown green Brown, small have break, kind case is strong fragile, show palm Brown; Pare kind of carapace kind benevolence full, show ivory. General tea area gathers fruit receiving tea with Frost's descent around relatively appropriate.

(2) adopt debit law: Gather fruit receiving tea, should first ripe close first, late ripe close behindhand, in order to assure tea seed quality. Do not gather fruit of tea of eat by moth collecting worm. The tea fruit of different breed, part of one's job is not collected put.

(3) tea seed adopts the processing technique after closing: Gather the tea fruit that answer, should put at the place with dry, ventilated shady and cool, avoid solar insolate and drench. Booth puts ply to should not be more than 10 centimeters, flip through everyday 1-2 second. 3, after 5 days, tea fruit begins fission, can knead gently right now pressure, make fruit carapace and kind seed is broken away from, sift seed giving tea with bolt next, the tea seed exuviate is proper spreading for cooling, make tea seed water content falls to 30% the left and right sides. The tea seed of exuviate booth air, take out field trash reachs the person that bad of bug eat by moth changes, sift out (sieve aperture diameter 12 millimeter) classification, can sow. The tea seed that cannot sow in time, want to undertake storing up. If carry outside, should appropriate is packed, seasonable start shipment. Tea seed booth is let off long, dehydrate overmuch, can affect gemmiparous rate.
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