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When does tea garden build canopy

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When does tea garden build canopy

Winter is used plastic big canopy or ground film are enclothed help advance somebody's career tea tree, can make spring tea shifts to an earlier date 15 - 30 days are collected close, improve tea per unit area yield and tea quality.
The main function of big canopy is heat preservation prevents frost, build velar time to should be decided according to local climate condition so, build before frost comes commonly velar, to next year the middle ten days of a month on April uncovers film.

The construction program of big canopy is roughly: Design bulk by big canopy first, had ironed plastic film with electric iron joining together, press fore-and-aft span 1 in the tea garden of make choice of next - 1.5 rice, transverse span 5 - bury pillar 7 meters, ground of post tower above 2 - 2.5 meters, on pillar then erect arch is worn, secure with reinforcing steel bar or bamboo, bracket irons the film that has accepted on fixed rear cover, taut, lever is pressed to secure on, press dead with mud all around sealed. When covering film, want in big canopy two side leave the ground 1.2 meters of altitude set one strip to be able to open the ventilated way that shut, so that adjust in the future temperature and humidity. Two end set big canopy door of pass in and out. Among general canopy control 3 meters high, two side are 1.6 meters or so high, canopy top is shown vaulted, span 5 - 8 meters (about 3 - 5 tea go) , canopy is long for 40 - 60 meters, namely area of a big canopy is controlled with 0.5 mus relatively appropriate.

Tea garden of model film big canopy should have canal of person specially assigned for a task to protect, the air temperature inside observation account canopy, soil temperature, humidity and circumstance of bud of tea tree bud-leaf. Autumn (by October at the beginning of November) should apply sufficient organic fertilizer, mu the dung that use pen 1500 kilograms or cake 150 - 200 kilograms, urea 40 kilograms. After big canopy is enclothed, encounter continuously the Tian Qing, air temperature that show the ground when 10 ℃ above, should every other 1 - 2 days of gush rinse, also can combine gush to apply fertilizer of face of blade, but chroma should compare outdoor tea garden low. Rise suddenly when sunshine outside air temperature, when the temperature inside canopy exceeds 35 ℃ , answer to open film of both sides model in time, ventilated medicinal powder hot, prevent high temperature burnable tea bud. If encounter weather of snow of fresh gale rain, should seasonable consolidate big canopy, prevent pluvial snow to press collapse.

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