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Tea tree clip and picked technology

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(2) dark trim: Tea tree classics plucks for years and after light clip, the meeting on picking surface is formed concentrated and of slim and fragile ramose, this often says namely " gallinaceous ungual branch " , tea crop and character drop gradually. To update tea tree picking surface, can use dark trim technology, annihilate is concentrated of slim and fragile " gallinaceous ungual branch " layer, make tea tree smokes hair new branch afresh, raise tea tree gemmiparous ability, lengthen tea tree high yield to produce fixed number of year firmly. Is dark trim appropriate cut go coronal face 1o? 15 centimeters branch tip, too shallow the goal that cannot achieve newer picking surface. Via the tea tree after dark trim, still use later annual or lie between young clip, take new page more appropriately, raise picking surface afresh.
Dark trim
3. The heavy clip of anile tea tree and stage cut down to anile tea tree, can pass heavy clip and Tai Yi, foster crown of a tree afresh, rejuvnation tree situation, implementation high yield is high grade.

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