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Technology of tea tree clip

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Tea tree clip is factitious ground restrains topmost bough to grow the measure of the advantage, can stimulate the bud bud new ability with strange inferior place, enhance tree power, education high yield is high grade crown of a tree. Method of tea tree crop basically has young age the boarding clip of tea tree, into age the light clip of tea tree and dark trim, the heavy clip of anile tea tree and stage cut down. Period of tea tree clip, from theoretic the effect of around of the Waking of Insects in beginning of spring is best. But for the consideration current spring the economic gains of tea, divide young age outside clip of tea tree figuration, other crop should be arranged in spring it is better to after tea ends, undertake.

Young age the boarding clip of tea tree

1. Young age after the field planting of seedling of boarding clip tea of tea tree, achieve 30 centimeters of above when seedling height, bough is thick when amounting to 3 millimeter above, can have crop of first time figuration, after cutting, stay to be controlled 15 centimeters high. Grow poorer tea young animal, when amounting to afore-mentioned standards, should defer boarding clip period. After boarding clip, should notice to stay raise new tip, strengthen the management that earth up fertilizer. Have boarding crop every year later. Every time the height of boarding clip can be in cut last 15 centimeters of Zun Shi rise on the mouth. Pass the tea tree of boarding clip 3 times, height is in about 40 ~ 50 centimeters, at this moment framework has been formed, later again complementary be collected gently in order to make a top and light clip, foster crown of a tree and picking surface further. The tool of boarding clip, cut surely for the first time should choose pruning to cut chase a clump to have crop, cut a mouth to be apart from cut the first axillary bud 5 millimeter of 3 ~ , the lateral bud outside be being withheld as far as possible, will blossom henceforth with benefit hale backbone branch. Below the case that permits in the condition, the 2nd times boarding clip still should choose pruning to cut, this is helpful to improving clip quality.

2. Into age the light clip of tea tree and dark trim

(1) light clip: The purpose of light clip depends on promoting tea bud bud to grow, increase manufacturing density, enhance tea tree the way corp is growing, it is creation develops the technical measure with good indispensable picking surface. The degree of light clip, go in order to cut on bitter fleabane face 5 centimeters branches and leaves is 3 ~ degree, also can cut go going up year Qiu Sao, leave Xia Sao. Flocculus is planted in the form of tea tree light clip, bitter fleabane face in order to cut camber advisable, can increase so picked width, advantageous to raising per unit area yield. The tea tree of period of green, prime of life, light clip but annual or lie between year undertake, be in every time cut formerly 2 ~ rise on the mouth 3 centimeters.
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