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The technical measure that summerly autumn tea produces

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Crop of summerly autumn tea, production value all occupies annual half left and right sides, catch tea of good Xia Qiu to produce to capturing annual tea bumper harvest, increase local finance income and income of tea grower economy crucial. Accordingly, each district must take effective measures, improve quality of summerly autumn tea hard, should use catch Chun Chasheng to produce energy, catch tea of good Xia Qiu to produce seriously. For this, offer measure of the following technologies especially.

One, add fertilizer of the gush outside applying top application, root. Top application of summerly autumn tea with be being applied early had better. After tea ends general Ying Zaichun seasonable top application, fertilizer with every mus of urea 15, 20kg or vitriolic ammonia 20, the quick result such as 30kg is fat had better, water of add of animal manure of person of usable also become thoroughly decomposed is irrigated apply. Every 100 kilograms of water add foliage dressing urea 200, 250g, add phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen Potassium 100, 150g undertakes sparge is applied. Also but the tea tree face of blade such as fertilizer of small fertilizer of earth of gush Shi Xi, tea tree leaf is fat, the effect is better.

2, intertill weeds, preservation of soil moisture of fight a drought. Cleared fireweed is a when summerly fall tea garden manages main job, because of tea garden classics spring tea picks skill for many times trample, edaphic surface layer becomes solid, should combine top application of summerly autumn tea to undertake intertill weed, make tea garden earthy and loose. Summerly fall often has volt on land or autumn drought, I save tea garden majority to distributing in the hillside upland area, irrigate hard, but use local materials, undertake in tea garden litter preservation of soil moisture prevents drought. Such already insurable water, can check again weeds grows, soil still can increase after fireweed is cankered organic qualitative.

3, plant diseases and insect pests of seasonable prevention and cure. Main plant diseases and insect pests already entered summerly fall tea tree fill hair period, appear extremely easily rampant harm, bring about reduction of output to decrease close, plant diseases and insect pests of prevention and cure is one of tea things with this the most important season. Main plant diseases and insect pests has cicada of Jie of eye of caterpillar of tea looper, tea, snake, small greenery, mite kind etc. Accordingly, each district should cause height to take seriously, should time undertake investigating regularly, the forecast that catchs good plant diseases and insect pests to kill works, take agriculture in time comprehensive measure undertakes preventing and cure, can adopt chemical pesticide to give when necessary control.

4, make appropriate because of the tree, reasonable and picked. Pluck because cultivate,summerly autumn tea wants to make appropriate, collect raise couple. Transform appropriate of tea garden of He Youling of newer tea garden to hit a top to collect group by group, raise in order to stay give priority to; And appropriate of manufacturing tea garden is seasonable tender collect, leave Xie Cai group by group. Summerly fall air temperature is high, tea easy ageing, should collect next bud-leaf in time to reach pair of clip part of a historical periods, increase picked batch, general 3, 5 days are collected, can collect 20 batch above, in order to pick one shoot 2 leaves and coequal tender those who spend give priority to to placing a leaf, should put an end to " old tender one is collected " catch with chaos wait for unreasonable picked means. In Xian Xie cannot fruit of old stalk of be mingled with, Laoxie, tea and blame tea kind field trash, what should maintain Xian Xie at the same time is fresh degree, must accomplish bright leaf raw material not to damage, not calorific and degenerative.
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