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The technical measure that summerly autumn tea produces

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5, careful treatment, improve grade. Want to check and accept classificationed foundation to go up in bright leaf raw material, strict live treatment quality closes, must according to control tea, scented tea and the treatment craft standard of all sorts of renown actor tea black tea, green tea, closely careful treatment pays make. Current, should overcome summerly Qiu Chajian to change the trend that machines craft manufacture in a rough way hard, the smoke in reducing tea as far as possible, anxious, loose, broken wait for a problem, change hard " black tea not red, green tea not green, scented tea not sweet, well-known tea not renown " backward situation, improve grade of summerly autumn tea in the round. Should increase the development strength of tea of actor of name of summerly autumn tea, should collect frequently, tea of the much actor that make a name, high-grade tea, increase economic income.

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