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Winter tea garden runs measure

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In tea area, partial tea grower thinks, winter tea tree stops to grow, and still have domestic animals botch, not was necessary to undertake administrative meticulously again. Actually, this kind of idea is very unscientific. Grow according to what plant physiology wants tea tree of sue for peace growth pattern, winter tea tree stops to grow, and root system activity is very strong, at this moment management is to strive for next year tea bumper harvest, assure especially spring the key of tea crop and quality. Because, spring the nutrition that before the bud-leaf with picked tea should be relied on one year Qiu Sao accumulates undertakes growth, and the nutrition of bud of Qiu Sao live through the winter is supplied should rely on root system to be absorbed mediumly in soil, edaphic nutrient should rely on factitious complement to furnish again. Accordingly, after tea garden seals garden, not only want a canal, and should manage elaborate and meticulously.

Long-term manufacturing practice and scientific research experiment make clear, management of winter tea garden basically has management of earthy fertilizer management, crown of a tree and prophylaxis and treatment of plant diseases and insect pests 3 respects.

Earthy fertilizer manages

According to the growth pattern of tea tree, phase out of upside of tea tree ground gave birth to progress to enter rest period in October, and subterranean ministry gradually active, enter the fastigium of activity of annual root system. At this moment, should capture favorable opportunity to grow to subterranean department root system the condition with good creation. Feng Yuan's tea garden turns over agrarian appropriate early should not be late. Turn over agrarian deepness to be controlled for 20 centimeters, sandiness earth, sandy loam but proper shallow ploughing, yellow earth earth, yellow brown earth wants deep ploughing, the place that is close to ministry of tea tree root wants shallow ploughing, far from root ministry place wants deep ploughing. Base manure is given priority to with farmhouse fertilizer, match Shi Lin, potash fertilizer appropriately. Grown and picked tea garden, general every mus apply earthy miscellaneous fertilizer 1500 kilograms or colza cake 75 ~ 100 kilograms, calcium superphosphate 30 kilograms, potassium sulfate 20 kilograms. If labor is insufficient, can lie between year turn over agrarian, fertilization, also can increase fertilizer dosage appropriately. In addition, can chase after before Chun Chameng is sent 7 days year in next apply fertilizer of quick result vernalization, with bicarbonate ammonium 40 kilograms are controlled every mus. Tea garden fertilizes must be expert at ditch is applied, use rear cover land.

Management of crown of a tree

Basically be light to plucking tea garden undertakes clip and big canopy tea garden velar. When the time of light clip stops to grow for autumn tea tree, mix before bud of spring tea tree two period. Spring cut time control undeserved, often can waste nutrition, postpone picked time even. Clip degree inspects Qiu Sao length and decide, the 1 / with Jian Quqiu tip 3 ~ 1 / 2 advisable. After the Beginning of Winter, air temperature drops apparently, big canopy tea garden is about to had made velar preparation, in December be about to had been built before the bottom. Velar hind often should check, prevent botch of disaster caused by a windstorm, domestic animals and heavy snow to destroy canopy film, lest affect big canopy result.
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