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The keep in storage of new tea

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Annual spring new tea appears on the market, average household is purchased with moster quantity, temporarily because much and the quantity is exhaustless, can use following method to deposit surely:

1, calx keep in storage

Tea of calx keep in storage is the most commonly used, the most convenient tea is custodial method.

The method is to use the dull that do not have rust is small Ma Tie bucket or dry and clean the made of baked clay altar that also does not have peculiar smell, terrine (it is better to permit producing Qing Sha world with appropriate) , the heal after entering calx outfit hop-pocket becomes lime bag. Before tea is put, bake with slow fire first fry, the purpose is to make tea sufficient and dry, to lap with thin kraft after air is cold, reoccupy drawstring is plunged into after tightening be about to its are statified arrange Yu Tan or canister all around, and altar of calx bag buy or canister in the center of, one packet needs to enclothe tea again on lime bag. After tea is replete, jam with kraft altar mouth, straw mattress is built on altar mouth (in order to sucks tide) hind seal up for keeping at dry indoor.

The scale that sets tea and calx is roughly 5: 1, after crossing one level, become a lime is major when decency, should exchange in time lime, what just can maintain tea so is dry degree.

2, vacuum flask keep in storage

Tea of vacuum flask keep in storage is law of the most convenient and simple and easy keep in storage.

The method is direct load tea thermos inside or inside cup of glacial bottle, heat preservation, notice tea wants as far as possible replete, in order to remove bottle of medium air. Wrap outside opening again become namely with adhesive plaster. Usable also and brown glass bottle or brunet plastic bottle save tea. Load in bottle namely about 7, most probably tea, go up in a place of strategic importance on tea posse screws after clean dull spitball cap, reoccupy candle seals shut up, or with adhesive plaster paper sealed opening.

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