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Tea packs 4 features of decorate

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As the development of market economy, the tea decorate that pack was become the most convenient with cheap ad agency. To produce its result better, 4 features should stress when design tea packs decorate:

The contemporary tea decorate that pack has become culture the main component of tea culture, often contain very thick nation color, or the child that regards producing area as culture, with period produce resonance with the culture that sell the land. If ever was obtained " in Na Xing " of award of the decorate that pack " box of lacquer of Chinese well-known tea " , introduce model of our country classic container, match the product name that writes with official script, style of primitive simplicity, elegant, showed the long history yield tea of our country adequately. Sell the Xiaobao toward Arabia country to install bead tea, the box that pack uses blackish green color, maize character, those who make these desert countries see if see water, inspect for the hope, regard classy gift as mutual gift.

Affection human nature is changed is the 2nd characteristic that packs decorate to tea of modern our country from ancient time. General Er square tea has Long Fengtu case from Song Daiyin " Long Tuanfeng cake " , to contemporary pressure have blessing, salary, birthday, word happy protruding, and mount of bag of tea of pottery and porcelain is indicative and contrary harmonic " dragon Feng Chengxiang " design, reflected the affection of people and pursuit.

Implicit condition is cared about in, meaning outside sound, reservation is not shown, daydream making a person, reflect beauty of a kind of connotation. The flower hill county that the author is in is located in below foot of the highest peak in a mountain range of stockaded village of heaven of the big Na Lu that fasten hill, all the year round cloud and mist winds around, it is the countryside of Chinese green tea. Produce " heaven cloud and mist " tea is the mountain of green hill high that surrounds through showing ridges and peaks to fold emerald green, cloud and mist, contain shows a high mountain to give good tea, good hill good water gives the commodity characteristic of good tea. No matter be " heaven cloud and mist " the bag of tea is packed, paper is packed or listen pack, make consumer identifies easily, whole designs facilitating memory, aftertaste making a person.

Artistic conception is the most typical is to obtain what the 2nd decorate of countrywide that pack designs silver-colored award " Chinese well-known tea " pack. Big case uses intermediate scroll " the river on Pure Brightness pursues " adornment, inside 4 small, use beige line brushwork on maize underside respectively, the group is mosaic " the river on Pure Brightness pursues " long roll. Upper part is built respectively have seal of 4 seal cutting, indicate scented tea of Guangdong black tea, Pu'er tea, oolong, jasmine, design of primitive simplicity, grave, pass through folk-custom amorous feelings, show this product history is long, still created a kind to taste tea to draw kind of enjoyment artistic concept as the name of an article.
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