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Tea most be afraid of stale, save undeserved, do not buy too much so, but new tea appears on the market, buy on one jin half jins also belong to commonplace, since was bought,be about keep in storage is good. The method of lay aside tea is very much, have lime law of sealed cold storage waits law of dry keep in storage, freezer a moment, and domestic store tea, the most convenient and effective method, it is iron listens store up law. Medicinal powder tea is bought, jacket wanting a horse listens into the iron that has double deck lid, should as far as possible crowded, decrease listen inside air, listen to tea next deposit the place in the 凈 of dry, clean that is far from toilet and kitchen.

The tea of tea of keep in storage listens, best one tea listens, namely the tea canister of Dragon Well tea of keep in storage, do not want reload other breed, especially cannot is, load the tea coal tub of scented tea originally, use green tea of keep in storage, yellow tea and oolong to wait without processing, because the dip of beautiful sweet meeting of scented tea arrives in these tea, make these tea lose his original natural tea is sweet. If be the tea tin that buys newly, had better clean dry 凈 ahead of schedule, the clear lotion with heavy odour is not used when cleaning, had better use the edible that does not have odour, easy dilute pure, wash after 凈 is dry, had better fume with a few old tea first, go in new tea outfit next.

The common tea canister on the market basically has bucket of metal pail, paper and stannic bucket now. Paper bucket is multi-purpose present in gift, need not make tea of keep in storage commonly, paper bucket breathes freely, moistureproof performance is poor, go against save for long; Stannic bucket is the optimal appliance of domestic store tea, because stannic bucket is oxidized not easily, do not produce peculiar smell, and stannic bucket data is weaker, airtight sex is so stronger, but the cost of stannic bucket is higher, if not be keep in storage high-grade tea, need not use stannic bucket certainly; Moderate of metal pail price, and it is better to save the effect, domestic store tea is accordingly commonly used metal pail.

The metal pail that lay aside tea uses, had better have have greatly small, contain generous tea barrel, after loading tea, unfavorable often open, should have a keg, take right amount tea to stock every time, drinkable when, take tea from keg.

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