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New tea keep in storage 5 laws

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If new tea is deposited undeserved absorb peculiar smell and moisture very easily and change flavour. According to experience, introduce the method of new tea of a few keep in storage:

Law of calx keep in storage: Had packed tea, statified annulus discharges altar of Yu Tao porcelain all around, had packed calx with hop-pocket again put at tea among the bag, sealed altar mouth, place in dry, shady and cool place. Calx bag is best every other 1~2 the month is changed.

Coal reserve law: Take fuel 1000 grams load beanbag inside, put the floor of made of baked clay altar or chest of small mouth iron, the tea that will packed next is statified arrange its to go up, mouth of replete and sealed altar, charcoal should be changed every months.

Law of thermos flask keep in storage: In taking tea outfit the thermos bottle that buys newly, use white wax seal next and wrap adhesive plaster.

Law of chemical keep in storage: In loading new tea thicker polybag, secure deoxidize agent on a horn of polybag, seal good polybag next.

Refrigerate law of keep in storage: Iron or ligneous tea coal tub load water content in 6% the following new tea, coal tub mouth uses adhesive plaster sealed good, put its inside freezer, temperature maintains in 5 ℃ optimum.

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