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Our country tea packs phylogeny

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Outfit in GB4122-83 " pack current term " medium definition is " protect a product to be in current process, convenient store carry, stimulative sale, the total tag that the container that press certain technics and uses, material reachs auxiliary to wait. The operation activity that certain technics brings to bear on to wait in the process that also points to uses to achieve afore-mentioned goals container, material and auxiliary " . Tea is packed is a when come true smoothly and use what show tea is in what its product assures in current process to use value and value system that has specific function actually. The shop tea that serves as drink is in entering consumer hand with terminal product, the mainest demand that its pack is Feng Mi, avoid smooth, avoid gas, avoid wet, so fine tea essence auspiciouses pack, make sure hypostasis is savoured, carry use convenient it is to arouse consumer to buy the power that seeks a desire directly. At present tea is packed what have delegate times characteristic and social progress more is indicative, by the bulk paper in the past outfit of bag, polybag bag, canister developed case of popular now paper quality of high-grade and elegant gift (coal tub) outfit, aluminum foil is delicate small bubble outfit, full of beautiful things in eyes, 絢 beautiful the main component that the tea of 100 condition packs colorful, 1000 appearance to already became tea culture, also make a scenery line of urban businessman. The article packs progress and function circumstance to make to tea only some summarize.

The tea before 1 reforming and opening is packed

Before reforming and opening, tea is in national interconnected system to buy, all spends a period, tea is packed basically wooden case, iron listens, canister of paper bag, bamboo, porcelain canister, stannum canister.

1.1 wooden case

Wooden case is a kind of the the oldest, most commonly used container, use at the outer packing of tea. Wooden case has property of better tigidity, amortize, can fight curve burst. Have board tea box and plywood tea case, board tea box is our country 5, the exit tea case that 60 time use, with lumber more. Kraft of liner of plywood tea box and aluminum foil, basically use at exporting tea. Tea box norms has: 350 × of 350 × 460 × of 350 millimeter, 460 × 400 × of 460 millimeter, 400 × 500 × of 600 millimeter, 400 × 600 millimeter, hind two kinds are international standard box. Decrease as a result of lumber resource nowadays, cost raises, wooden case already was replaced by paper box gradually.

1.2 iron listen

The tea packet that iron listens is a kind of tradition is installed, the sundry tea that uses tin make it listens. Tea pot model has circle, quadrate, rectangle, flat look, hexagonal etc a variety of. Iron listens can repeat use, this kind packs effect of the color of tea, sweet to protection, flavour, form very good. Iron listens capacity measurement standards has 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g, etc. Exterior decorate is the mainstream with geometrical design and scenery picture, add the name and advertisement language.
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